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Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN Review 2018 – our fast vpns review of the Private Internet Access service. Is Private Internet Access worth the money in 2018? Find out here + Private Internet Access coupon.

Private Internet Access VPN is a powerful virtual private network system that allows you to anonymously, safely use the web for whatever you need. Keeping all connections safe and private, this service ensures you no longer have to be concerned about someone stealing secure data as you stream it over your browser. With the help of a VPN, your business, blogging activities, or financial transactions are kept safe at all times, ensuring that third party attackers cannot steal or access your material. As evidenced in our Private Internet Access VPN review, this company provides security and peace of mind.


In addition to secure PPTP, LT2P, and OpenVPN access, Private Internet Access VPN ensures that you gain the option to select from more than 50 different countries and networks. No matter where you’re located, the company allows you to select an area that is accessible and fast. They also provide top speed, security, privacy, and zero logs kept. This means no data is recorded on your activities or usage patterns, ensuring anonymity at all times.

The service also provides unrestricted censorship access, letting you view content that might be off limits by your provider. This program ensures that you can gain access to all areas of the web regardless of the area you are in.

This provider ensures that no logs are kept, no metadata, and no traffic data is stored. For this reason, no one will be able to gain information on your activity while using the network.


Private Internet Access VPN ensures a highly secure VPN connection using SHA1, RSA 4096, and AES-256. The program provides IPv6 leak stoppage, DNS prevention of leaks, and a shared IP utility to make sure that users traffic is mixed among a number of systems so that no one appears to be on the same IP. The service also provides a kill switch to make sure that if the VPN connection is unexpectedly terminated for any reason, you don’t have to worry about your data being routed. Traffic simply gets shut off at this point.


One of the major pros of this service is that is highly affordable. In addition to a starting price of $7 per month, the service costs only $40 per year, which is a great option. They also provide highly secure VPN connections from all over the world, so they are a good choice for someone needing to get access even in a highly censored or cut off area.

Another pro is the customer service through PIA VPN. Their customer service is some of the best available, providing highly knowledgable representatives who truly know their stuff. They’re willing and able to help with any issues or problems you might have, and will happily get on the job even in a short period of time after you first make contact.


There are not too many cons to speak of. If anything, it might be the slight hiccups in traffic when connecting for the first time. These usually go away quickly though, and don’t interfere with user experience on a significant level.

User Reviews

Many who have tried this service say it is a highly effective way of keeping your connection secure at all times. Unlike a number of other VPNs, PIA gives you an anonymous connection that keeps you from being attacked or censored from any location. Chinese users, Russian users, and anyone having to deal with firewall restrictions will find it to be a highly effective solution. One user who was in need of a service to bypass country restrictions used this service as a way to gain access to sites normally off limits. He found the speed impressive and now recommends it as a top provider of VPN tunneling. Another user said she needed to stay anonymous while conducting searches and looking up information, and Private Internet Access VPN gave her the security she needed for a low cost.


As a VPN provider, Private Internet Access VPN is a great choice that will help anyone, regardless of experience, get off the ground running very fast. You’ll find their customer service to be friendly and helpful, if for any reason you need to access someone who can get you through a problem. They’re also quite inexpensive and won’t break the bank when signing up, either monthly or yearly. You can sign up with PIA VPN and test them out to see if you like their VPN service.