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NordVPN Review

NordVPN Review 2018 – our fast vpns review of the NordVPN service. Is NordVPN worth the money in 2018? Find out here + NordVPN coupon.

NordVPN is a powerful secure connection system that will mask your IP and give you top access to OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP access. Using NordVPN, you will be able to set up a secure tunneling system that keeps your connection hidden from attackers while also providing premium speed and security. The service is inexpensive, reliable, and capable of protecting multiple devices at once. Many users turn to this provider due to their low pricing plans and ability to protect multiple devices at once. As we discuss in our NordVPN review, you’ll be able to access a high quality of service through this provider.


NordVPN starts out as a free download that then offers a number of pricing plans, including a plan for $8 per month, one for $30 per 6 months, and $48 over the year. They accept a number of different payment options as well as a full month money back refund policy. You can also email the company and ask to take advantage of their 3 day trial period.

Multiple devices can be supported through NordVPN service. You can also run it on your router over home networking, meaning there is no need to worry about your home connection being insecure.

The VPN client software is quite powerful, offering a full builtin application or a standalone process. You can use the connection user interface to get connected to a number of VPN selections all over the world. The company provides Anti-DDoS servers, encryption with 256 capability, and even a Tor VPN network. You have plenty of choices, and the user interface will tell you the lag and ping time, capacity for each server, and more.


The special Kill Switch offered with NordVPN is one of the top benefits of this company. It ensures that if the VPN gets dropped, the Kill Switch processes will be quit immediately, leaving you secure at all times. The DNS leak prevention feature also makes sure you don’t use the DNS server that is part of your ISP’s offerings — and rather it will use the machine address for any sites you seek to visit.

This means no one can get the traffic running between your two connections in a manner that isn’t fully secure.


One of the main perks of this server is that it provides powerful service over a very secure transmission. It is high in terms of performance and speed. Using speed testing technology we determined that the HTML5 tests of this service provide just as fast, if not faster, transmission of data over the secure VPN through Nord. You’ll find that the download rate goes up by at least 10%, with the upload rate also being extremely high.


There are no major cons to speak of using this service except perhaps the lag that sometimes occurs watching Youtube or Netflix. On occasion, when trying to stream video, you may notice hiccups in quality and speed. This is the only major flaw of the service to speak of, and only occurs sometimes if server traffic is especially high.

User Feedback

Most users who have sampled NordVPN or who use it on a regular basis find it to be one of the best services available for acquiring a secure connection. NordVPN repeatedly does well through both speed tests and performance, in terms of security. One user reported being able to drive significantly more traffic to his site after switching to NordVPN for his operations. Another user who was dealing with secure financial data as a contractor and needed to retain a highly secure connection decided to use NordVPN. He found that with this service, he was able to maintain a secure connection over a long enough time to make sure there were no hiccups or security flaws in data transmission.

Customer Service

One of the perks of NordVPN is extremely good customer service and an overall high level of service and knowledge from customer representatives. Everyone the company employes really knows what they are talking about and will be glad to help you at any time. You can call, text, email, or use live chat to quickly get help. This makes it easy to solve any technical difficulties you might have.


NordVPN is an affordable and highly secure VPN service for users who need a safe and secure connection at all times. Rather than having to worry about who might be trying to access your data, simply sign up for a VPN through Nord that will give you the performance, speed, and reliability that you need.