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KeepSolid VPN Review

KeepSolid VPN Review 2018 – our fast vpns review of the KeepSolid VPN service. Is KeepSolid VPN worth the money in 2018? Find out here + KeepSolid VPN coupon.

KeepSolid VPN is a highly-reputable selection of virtual private network provider, giving you top level service and security. For those in need of a fully encrypted and secure connection, this service keeps your traffic and data usage siphoned off from internet public areas, keeping your IP address hidden as well. Advertisers, snoopers, and hackers cannot get to your data. This means you are fully secure and protected at all times. As seen in our KeepSolid VPN review, this service is one of the best out there.


Keep Solid offers a special pricing plan of $5 per month with a professional plan of $25 per year. This is a great choice that allows you to take advantage of a number of places to connect to. The company provides this scalable pricing plan to allow users to try out the service, then decide which package works best in the long term.


This service provides a number of features, including better than average speed and performance, a client that is user friendly and easy to use, and also a simple VPN provider plan. They have low prices and a seven day trial to determine if the service will meet your needs. Keep Solid VPN is known for their exceptional privacy routine that only logs the basic service and session activity, which won’t identify users. There is no logging or routine management of data to determine what you might be doing online. This VPN can be installed on routers with up to 5 devices, which are then managed through the VPN’s service. Their servers are extremely fast and well-protected, providing some of the fastest and most reliable VPN service available.


Benefits of this program include a number of different places to connect to and VPNs you can access at a lll times. IPs that are both virtual and real will be displayed throughout a map shown to you, as well as connection status and overall plan availability. You can then go ahead and connect to any of the servers you wish. Determining what the current workload is for each service can help in making a decision as to which one will work best for you to connect to.


Some of the best features of KeepSolid VPN include the ability to mask IP addresses at all times, a kill switch features, leak protection for your DNS, and a switch to port 443 on TCP to ensure high protection levels. The company also provides very good customer service that will get on top of things when you have any questions or concerned. Their VPN provider does well on a variety of tests for performance, ensuring that you maintain a speedy connection at all times. There are zero errors, connection failures or problems during tests, meaning they are also very reliable.


The main cons of Keep Solid VPN are that not all servers will support torrents, and you can delete just one device you are managing each week. This means it will be harder to change your managed devices as time goes on unless you plan accordingly.

User Feedback

Users of Keep Solid VPN find this service to be one of the best available. In addition to providing one of the best services for those in need of secure tunnels, KeepSolid also provides great privacy and security features. One user said that using this service gave him the chance to connect to websites that would normally be off limits due to censorship restrictions in his home area. Another user found that it was much easier to stay anonymous while doing research for a top secret assignment she needed to conduct. All in all, user reviews are positive, saying the service is speedy, quick to answer back when you need help, and quite affordable.


As a powerful, high performance VPN with good reliability and reputation, KeepSolid VPN is a great choice. Users will gain flexibility, reliability, a network that can adapt to ongoing changes, and fast, responsive customer service. Rather than having to worry about getting stuck with tech issues and hassles, this service will provide you all the help you need in a short period of time. You’ll find that KeepSolid VPN is one of the best services available both in terms of pricing and reliability. However, they really shine when it comes to choice of VPNs across the country, which will connect you to whatever area you want and provide a secure connection at all times.