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IPVanish Review

IPVanish Review 2018 – our fast vpns review of the IPVanish VPN service. Is IPVanish worth the money in 2018? Find out here + IPVanish VPN coupon.

IPVanish is a top new VPN service designed to provide users with powerful internet privacy solutions. Offering top rate speed, security, and flexibility, IPVanish offers a number of plans and pricing choices to allow you plenty of flexibility. Including plans that range from one month payments to a full year, the company gives some of the best deals in terms of pricing for the value you get.

IPVanish Review

IPVanish Review

Offering top rated privacy, security, pricing, and flexibility, as well as high-end encryption and safety techniques, the company is speedy and fast. Their customer service is great, providing quick access to knowledgable and helpful customer service reps. Over the course of your subscription, you might need to contact customer service to work out any questions or details you might want to ask about.


IPVanish provides more than five hundred different servers for VPN offerings, spanning more than sixty different countries. Using specialized 256 AES encryption methods, the security of this service is one of the best available. Additionally, if you intend to run the VPN on more than one machine, IPVanish is a great choice.


The IPVanish interface is highly simple and easy to use, allowing you to choose your settings with an uncluttered, clean, user-friendly layout. By simply adding a few settings such as IPv6 leak prevention and LAN traffic blocking, you will make sure to secure your connection in ways that most other internet VPN services simply cannot. Additionally, IPVanish offers a resource for Kill Switching that prevents your connection from being exposed if for some reason the connection is dropped.

Plans and Pricing

Offering three different plans, IPVanish is significantly cheaper than a number of other VPN services. Their year long plan is just $6 per month while their 3 month plan is $9 per month. Their 1 month payment plan is $10 monthly, which is still a very good value.


Included in the plans for every selection from IPVanish is a seven day full guarantee for your money back if you aren’t satisfied. In addition, the VPN is highly speedy and quick to provide service. You gain unlimited bandwidth, no traffic logs, torrenting that is anonymous, unlimited P2P services, full encryption, OpenVPN and PPTP, as well as full 24/7 customer service of the best quality.

Which Users Will Most Benefit

Users who are needing a lot of speed and simultaneous VPN service at the same time will benefit from IPVanish. With more than sixty different countries offered as part of the package, IPVanish provides Australian, African, and Egyptian service through service located int hess areas. You’ll also notice that multiple devices can connect at one time, meaning you can protect as many devices and IP addresses as you need.

IP Cycling

IPVanish uses a feature called IP cycling, which continues to cycle your IP address over minutes designated by you as the user. Killswitches will also engage using this specific feature, which is adaptable using the Windows Client as part of the design of the program. This is an excellent perk for users who want to make sure it’s harder to be tracked.

Reviews and Feedback

Users who’ve tested out the program have left a lot of feedback about IPVanish, saying that it is a great choice in terms of both security and ease of use. One thing many users like is the interface, which is simple to set up and configure and not requiring any technical knowledge. Each feature, say users, is described in detail so you can learn quickly how to navigate and use the various perks that come with IPVanish. One user said this program helped his business grow while he stayed anonymous online, making it much easier to conduct his necessary activities. Another user, who needed to distribute large quantities of content to various regions around the globe, chose IPVanish over other programs due to its good reputation and ratings.


With its powerful system and friendly, easy to set up user interface, IPVanish is an excellent choice for users all over the world. Anyone in need of a way to stay anonymous online or simply connect to a VPN tunnel that will provide a better connection would benefit from this service. IPVanish receives a full 5/5 stars in our review, providing top level security, privacy, and features for users who have a need for all these elements.