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Hide My Ass VPN Review

Hide My Ass VPN Review 2018 – our fast vpns review of the Hide My Ass VPN service. Is Hide My Ass VPN worth the money in 2018? Find out here + Hide My Ass VPN coupon.

Hide My Ass VPN Review

Hide My Ass VPN is a powerful VPN platform for those in need of a safe connection. With a slightly higher monthly price, the plan is still very good on a monthly basis. In addition, the company has been a provider of VPN service for many years, servicing people all over the globe. There are a number of immense pros such as affordability, a free trial, free services, and an easy to navigate website. Helping to provide privacy, security, and other services, this product is a great choice for anyone in need of a secure VPN. Our Hide My Ass VPN review will discuss features, benefits, and pros and cons of the service.


There are a number of locations offering VPNs through this service, including Oceania, South and Central America, and Africa, as well as Asia and Europe. Hide My Ass offers more than 2 connections at a time, letting you attain a secure connection over as many devices as you need. Their free services are also a great option, including an IP Checker, extensions for Firefox and Chrome, and a Web Proxy.


Some of the benefits included in Hide My Ass include Open VPN, L2TP, PPTP, and Open UDP/TCIP choices. Using high quality Blowfish encryption and AES-256, this service avoids keeping customer logs and also duration of connection and disconnection times. Their customer support is extremely knowledgable and quick to answer any questions, getting back to you through email, telephone, as well as live chat and a knowledge base.

VPN Client

Hide My Ass VPN includes a special Windows VPN that is fairly lightweight, easy to use and simple to set up. The instant connect choice lets you get set up with a server nearby that also gets you fast speed. Through the location option, you can also select the server that will work best for you. They even have a freedom choice that lets you connect to servers with high levels of free speech.


Some of the pros of this service include very fast connection times and uploads/downloads. Their speed tests have been done across countries, including US, UK, and German servers. Through a number of tests, they have repeatedly scored with upwards of 50mbps download times. This means the company can provide extremely fast streaming, downloading, and other connection services that are some of the best in the nation.


There are not very many downsides to Hide My Ass VPN aside from the periodic logging that does happen. While the company doesn’t keep upload data or download data, they do log the times that you connect — as well as when you connect. It’s important to note that while they aren’t keeping track of your activity, there will be metadata stored on you.

Additional Services

There are a number of other services available through Hide My Ass VPN including IPSec and an iOS app that is similar to the windows client. Using tutorials and installation guides, you can quickly get connected to a number of different sources. Their free proxy services lets you get past any content that is restricted by location, so that you can access websites restricted in your area. However, these sites may be slower to load.

User Feedback

A number of users who’ve tested out Hide My Ass VPN say that it is a great service on the whole, providing speedy service and a number of excellent choices in terms of connection areas. You can quickly get connected and have a steady stream of data, upload/download, and more. One user said that he needed a secure way to quickly stream video data, and this service gave him what he needed. He was able to connect to a local server that was both fast and reliable. He now uses this service daily, finding it to be secure, fast, and stable. Another user echoed his thoughts, saying she needed a fast connection that would hide her activity since she was dealing with financial input/output as part of her job. This service gave her peace of mind.


As seen in our Hide My Ass review, you’ll find that this provider gives you fast, stable service that is great for independent users as well as small businesses and data centers. Using Hide My Ass, you can remain anonymous while conducting all your activities online in a safe way — knowing no third parties have access to your data. The company is also quite affordable with their monthly plans, making them a great choice for individuals.