Best Fast VPNs Reviews

Fast VPNs 2018 – find the best fast vpn reviews & comparisons of 2018. Find out which vpn services you should consider and which you should avoid.

Finding fast VPNs is something of a challenge in this day and age. With more VPN selection choices than ever before, it can be hard to see which one might work best. A good, fast service should provide speed, reliability, user-friendliness, and an interface that isn’t hard to navigate. Some of the main VPN choices available include Invisible Browsing, IPVanish, ExpressVPN, Strong VPN, and SaferVPN. All these choices will be compared as we determine features and benefits for each provider.

  1. ExpressVPN – 5/5 Stars 

  1. IPVanish – 5/5 Stars 

  1. Invisible Browsing VPN – 5/5 Stars 
    Invisible Browsing VPN

  1. StrongVPN– 4.5/5 Stars 

  1. SaferVPN– 4/5 Stars 

VPN Comparison Reviews


Invisible Browsing VPN, IPVanish, and ExpressVPN have among the best pricing plans available. Each choice starts with a free plan, and for Invisible Browsing and IPVanish, the cost is just $6 per month for the basic plan, with ExpressVPN costing $3 per month for the first paid option. They then scale up, with Invisible Browsing priced at $12 per month for deluxe as well as IPVanish and ExpressVPN, which cost the same (or within $12-$13 monthly). You typically pay for a full year of service for each provider, though monthly options are available. It’s a good idea to start with the free plan to get a feel for how well it works for you.


Invisible Browsing VPN is one of the oldest as most reputable choices available. With a seamless reputation, this provider gives speedy service and is one of the fastest VPNs available. IPVanish offers a sleek user interface, over 30 different countries for VPN selection, and a full hiding of your IP address to prevent hackers and thieves from accessing your information.

ExpressVPN also rates quite highly in terms of benefits, providing an excellent pricing plan, good customer service, and a highly secure network and privacy system. This makes Express VPN a great choice for provider as well.

StrongVPN and SaferVPN are fairly standard in terms of offerings, providing a free plan that gives you 1 VPN but it is shared, meaning it’s less secure. SaferVPN provides access to one IP address at a time, with just one device being available for both the free and basic plans.


Each choice of network provides important features such as security, customer service, speed, reliability, and uptime. The three providers with the best creatures include ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and Invisible Browsing. These providers feature the highest uptime with speeds of more than 5gbps as their download and upload time, as well as secure uploads and downloads and P2P support. You’ll also be able to enjoy no logging or recording of your activity, with an additional ability to add more devices as you choose an upgraded plan.

StrongVPN and SaferVPN do include basic features as part of their selections, but without as good pricing. StrongVPN gives you access to about 10 different locations per country with their basic plan, while SaferVPN gives twelve. They also do not offer the same speed and uptime as the other networks — and don’t promise that your data will be left unrecorded.

User Feedback

Testers of each service find that the best choices tend to be ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and Invisible Browsing VPN as they have the best customer service, overall support, and uptime/reliability. One user said that Invisible Browsing VPN helped him maintain anonymity while running his online business. He needed to keep a strong connection, but still be able to depend on the service for speed and security. He also needed to be able to do it for a reasonable price, which this service offered.

Another user who used ExpressVPN said she got a great, steady connection while also being able to use the service across all her devices. It was important to her to have access to the secure tunnel offered through ExpressVPN, but also know she could contact customer service when needed. This program gave her that exact experience — as well as an easy to navigate interface and steady, reliable connection time.

Interface Quality

In terms of good interface design, ExpressVPN and Invisible Browsing VPN, as well as IPVanish, tend to have the best system. It’s important to select a provider that gives you the freedom and flexibility to turn off key features, like who many different VPNs you need to connect to, where they are located, and which IP addresses you can switch on or off. Rather than having to continually deal with problems in terms of the interface design, these three companies have made it easy to select from fast VPNs available all over the world.

Unfortunately, StrongVPN and SaferVPN do not have the same quality of user-friendliness when it comes to the interface. While you can access their VPN connection through a Windows client, it is more difficult to choose from select locations — and turning on features like secure VPN tunneling, browser cloaking, and speed testing are more difficult.

Customer Service

Invisible Browsing, IPVanish, and ExpressVPN have excellent customer service and continually rank highly for this feature in terms of business and quality. When you contact their customer service, you’ll find it’s easy to get access to a knowledgeable representative in a short period of time. They are available at all times of day and can tell you exactly what you need to get your service working again, either by chat, email, or phone. The best way to quickly get in contact with ExpressVPN’s customer service seems to be through email or support ticket.

SaferVPN and StrongVPN still need a bit of work in these departments, and tend not to rank as highly for support and customer service.


Since the main focus of our review is fast VPNs, we found that doing a speed test yielded promising results. Invisible Browsing VPN ranked highest, with IPVanish and Express VPN coming in close seconds. StrongVPN and Safer VPN were not as fast and didn’t rank as highly — as well as lacking slightly in terms of security.


The best VPN selections for speed and security are Invisible Browsing VPN, IPVanish, and ExpressVPN. These three providers receive a rating of 5/5 stars as they are great for reliability, reputation, customer support, and user interface. And of course, they rank well for speed. The other two companies simply didn’t match up, which is why we can’t recommend them as highly. It’s best to choose one of the three main competitors for your selection, as they offer a combination of reliability and speed as part of each package.