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Hot Water Heaters Problems

hot water heaters problems
    water heaters
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So I went out this morning to feed the birds and decided to peek inside the skimmer just to check.... pump is not working!!! I see the GFI light is off, so I go to the greenhouse plug to reset. It resets, but the one at the pond does not.... try again an again. Run and extension cord out, plug in the pump - nothing... crappola I think the pump is dead. So I take the pump out and take it inside the greenhouse to take it apart to see what the problem is... its warm so it must have been running. Hit forehead with hand!!! Its winter the pipes are now frozen. No real clue how long but probably 3 days with no hole in the ice. I always keep two hoses in the greenhouse for waterchanges there and so that in case I need it I can run them out to the pond. Good job. So hot water onto the ice to melt the hole. Dig around in the shed to find the heaters I have not used in years and hope they work - they do!!! So I get a couple of holes in the ice and a peak at the fish - All belly down, just the way I like them!!! All look fine and quite healthy, not that I saw all of them through the hole but Chiba (pictured), GG Doodle Elf and Itzi are all well and accounted for with no signs of reddening or stress. I currently have one heater and a bubbler going and should be good for the warm temps this week. Still it does get the adreniline going in the morning!!
To the tune of $1,712.75
To the tune of $1,712.75
You know when you walk down the hallway of your house and hear "squish, squish, squish" that you might have a problem. We did. But now we have this shiny new (expensive) water heater. And gas lines that are in compliance with code ordinances (because apparently the old ones weren't). And a ruined carpet that I have to call the home insurance guy about on Monday. And suddenly we seem to find ourselves really...broke. We've decided to move Christmas to February this year. By then, perhaps we can sing "Jingle Bells" to the accompaniment of the two nickels we'll have saved up to rub together.

hot water heaters problems
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