Which Question Can Help a Writer Analyze a Prompt and Develop a Claim for 

If there is one writing skill that one needs to have in their toolkit for standardized tests or AP exams, it's the ability to make a persuasive argument. Effectively arguing for some position on a topic is not just for the debate competition. Ideally, an argumentative essay presents one's position or stance on a specific topic of the assignment and uses some evidence to support that particular position. The objective of an argumentative essay is to convince one's reader that their work is logical and ethical, besides being ultimately correct.

Basics about argumentative essay

Writers can accomplish different things in an argumentative essay. First, they can keep a clear, persuasive thesis statement in the introductory para. The body paragraphs generally use evidence and explanation to support the thesis statement. The writer must place them chronologically to address opposing positions on the topic when it is correct. Furthermore, the writer should write a conclusion that should give something meaningful to the audience to close the argument or enable them to analyze the topic critically. 

The main sections of an argumentative essay include the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Even though writing papers can be a lonely process for one, one of the most successful things writers can do to be successful in argumentative writing is to think about their argument as participating in a huge conversation. For one thing, they're going to be responding to the ideas of others as they write their argument.

Things that make argumentative essays unique

Arguments of essays are very different from other types of articles because, in an argumentative essay, one can decide what argument would be. Some essays, including the summaries or syntheses, do not want the writer to take a stance on the topic. Instead, they want them to remain unbiased and neutral.

One is presenting their point of view as a writer in argumentative essays, and sometimes they will also choose the topic that they would be arguing about. So, one just need to ensure that the point of view included in the essay is well-reasoned, informed, and persuasive.

Tips for writing a strong argument 

Once a writer gets the topic and thesis, he is ready for the hard part. It is to write the arguments chronologically with evidence. There are three main areas where one needs to focus their energy as they develop a strategy for writing an argumentative essay that supports their claim and their thesis statements in the article, addressing other viewpoints on the topic, and writing a perfect conclusion.

One is more likely to write an argumentative essay that is engaging, persuasive, and memorable if they put thought and effort into these three things. The research comes in handy when the essay supports its claim as part of its thesis statement. However, one cannot just use their research to state other facts. End, it is essential to know the difference between evidence and explanations on know-how and when to use them in their argumentative essay.

One can also consider using evidence as material from any operative and credible outside source that supports their position on their topic.