SAT Essay Tips: 15 Ways to Improve Your Score

The SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is one of the most important things that happens to students. At least your peers and teachers can tell you so. However, it is not so intimidating. If you put in a little work, it is not so impossible to score well. What you need to do is to identify clearly what you need to know and use smart study strategies to learn it. Here are some useful tips to help your SAT essay writing, they can be divided in three groups. First group include basic essay writing tips:

  • Follow the structure of the essay. Add introduction and conclusion to your body paragraphs. Introduction is aimed to show readers the structure of the body paragraphs and also to show the main idea of the essay (including thesis statement). Introduction is like an indicator for the rest of the essay. Poorly constructed introduction will tell editor that the structure of the body is also not the best. Writing an introduction first is a tricky thing, because you can be locked into the structure of the introduction. Some students leave enough space for introduction (for example, 10 blankets) and write it in the end;
  • Thesis statement is an integral part of the introduction. It shows what devices author uses to build his (or her) argument. Make a precise central claim, or in other words - make a clear thesis. Every reader should understand the main idea of the essay and also the methods that author will use to support it;
  • Choose short words instead of long words if you can (use the same principle for sentences and paragraphs). Also don’t be repetitive and don’t do grammatical mistakes. SAT essay help says that students should avoid using first person statements (for example, “I” or “me”), as well as other informality, because this is not an opinion piece; To make your essay more readable, try to use different words to describe the same idea
  • Use specific details from the passage to support a thesis;
  • Focus you writing on relevant details. This isn’t a dissertation and you have time-limits, so write only about details that are really important.

The other group of tips includes some students’ tips:
  • Read the prompt, which includes description of the author’s claim, before the passage;
  • Be convincing in your explanations. Use facts and quotes from the passage to back up your interpretation;
  • Reach the critical amount of writing (write more than one page). Many editors say that a length of the paper really does matter. So it is better to focus on two-pages essay writing;
  • This is not an opinion piece, so try to be objective when reading the passage. It may be difficult for the first time, but with some practice you will learn how to do it. If you want to practice on being objective, try to read as many articles on important for you topics, as you can. Find articles that declare opinions that opposite to yours;
  • Break down the argument. Identify different argumentative techniques.

Finally, here is a group of tips that will help you to find all important components for your essay:
  • Always support your arguments with concrete evidence from the passage. Break down the passage on parts that you can use as evidences. Build a structure and then follow it during your writing;
  • Start writing only when you do clearly understand the prompt. This is important, because you should answer the prompt and wrong understanding can lead to bad score;
  • Follow the structure and keep your essay organized. As it was already mentioned, it should include such elements as an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. One very important component of the introduction is the thesis statement. Make it logical; follow your reasoning from one paragraph to another;
  • Don’t forget to check your essay. To do it you should make time for all important steps of writing – reading, analyzing, planning, writing and revising;
  • The best way to make everything effective is to practice a lot.

SAT Essay is a special kind of writing. Learn all its features to succeed; don’t forget that you should write it in a limited time and without any kind of essay writing help.