Importance of Reading Reviews

Why do students read essay service reviews? Is it for the same reason that students read movie reviews, or is there more to it than that? How can students trust essay services reviews when the Internet is so full of lies? Facebook is a perfect example of how lies are so easily disseminated and people believe them. So if people are willing to believe Facebook lies that marijuana cures cancer, are people being silly when they also believe essay writing service reviews? Here are the facts you should know and the questions you should be asking.

Are website testimonials true?

Think about this logically. If you were running a website that sold shoes, would you post good testimonials about your products on your own website, or would you post bad testimonials? A writing company is hardly likely to post negative testimonials about its own service on its own website, but with that in mind, why believe any on--page testimonial.

After all, if you did own the shoe-selling website, you could write your own testimonials. Should you believe on-page testimonials that writing services post on their own websites? Probably not, but if you use their service and you agree with their testimonials, then there may be some veracity to them.

Are online essay writing service reviews true?

This is a very tricky issue because the Internet is loaded with lies and misinformation, so how can you be sure what reviews are useful and which reviews are lies. Here are a few things to consider.

Is the review site sponsored?

There are plenty of writing companies that sponsor review websites. They pay them to post their services at the top of the website, or they pay them to make them appear the cheapest on comparison websites. They even pay the review websites to badmouth their competitors.

Is the review site promoting one writing company over all the others?

This is a classic sign that the review website is being paid affiliate money. It works where the review companies get a commission every time one of their viewers uses the writing service. As a result, the review company highly favors one writing service over all the others with the hopes that their viewers will use their writing service.

How is the review site making money?

If it doesn’t seem obvious at first, then you have to ask yourself if the company is selling reviews, selling links, being sponsored, or any other number of things. There are very few websites that exist without any desire to make money. If you follow the money, you can usually figure out the company’s priorities.

Did their competitors post the reviews?

There are plenty of essay writing services reviews on reviewing websites that were written by the competitors of the company being reviewed. Come companies will tell their staff to go on to review websites and write negative essay writing reviews about their competitors.

Did the essay writing service webmasters post the reviews?

There are some writing services reviews that exist because essay writing companies wrote the reviews. Just like how a company can go on a review website and post negative reviews about their competitors, they may also post positive reviews about themselves.

How can you protect yourself?

If a company allows ordinary users to post reviews, then beware of the essay writing companies writing on them. If the review website is independent, then beware of sponsorship and remember to follow the money to figure out the review-website’s motivations. Otherwise, you simply have to remain skeptical and question everything you see. Ideally, you need to be that way whenever you are on the Internet, especially on Facebook, because may people find benefit and profit from having you believe their lies.