This site will help you practice 14 vowel sounds in English, the Consonants and 
confusing pairs of words:   Ship or sheep?           chip or ship?         
Start with clear pronunciation

Link to the Minimal Pairs List
compiled by John Higgins
92,000 pairs!   (the pairs are based on standard BRITISH pronunciation.   Standard U.S. pronunciation will show some differences)

4. Practice the 87 important pairs of consonants  (not the vowels)

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Dan Pink's FLIP

The stories
"I want you to eliminate this scene."
"I'm going to Turkey."

"The Havana System"

Prater (1949) used a simple system with "long a" (plane) and "short a" (plan).


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Barak Rosenshine's 17 principles for good learning
Richard E. Clark's article about guidelines for using projects (Clark, Kirschner and Sweller 2012)

Free Pronunciation Chart (developed by the University of Havana)