By DMIT Analysis,  explore a person?s direction of interest and area of strength. Age is no bar for this test, We provide Authentic DMIT software, You can contact us to get more information about DMIT Software Price, According to Dr. Howard Gardner man has at least eight intelligences. We are able to discover our congenital intelligence, character traits and unknown potential through Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test like DMIT Logical-mathematical Intelligence Test, Musical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence,Linguistic Intelligence,Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence,Naturalistic Intelligence, Adult Midbrain Activation, Quantum Speed Reading

We help to bring out the Genius in your child by MidBrain Activation , Midbrain Activation By MusicChildren activated by hearing the Music, We have several types of ready made activation audio (tested & proven for years). No need research and trial error anymore for creating the music, There are 2 types of music : for children (age 5-15 years old) and for adult (age 15 years above).

In today?s high profile and high tech age, Career is important to each and every person. It is parents? responsibility to find out the hidden talent of their child and prepare them for their bright future. For this, they should give them good and genuine training and guide their children in the right direction. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is one excellent tool developed to support this fact of life.

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What is DMIT ?

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics) refers to the branch of science which studies the patterns of skin (dermal) ridges present on human fingers, toes and the soles.
In recent years, few Doctors focused on developing the combination of the relationship of skin grains, genes, psychology, and development of mind along with educational, medical and science experts such as "Multi-wisdom? theory published by Dr. Howard Gardner of University of Harvard, aiming to provide tailor made education for every individual with special potential so as to donate to the society.
Its reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents. With these test of your known talents and intelligences, you can best be translated into education, personal and career success. By knowing these potentials earlier, you make effort to enhance and train your weaknesses so that learning is most pleasurable and effective.