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Underground Camera Raw Presets

underground camera raw presets
  • Of or denoting a group or movement seeking to explore alternative forms of lifestyle or artistic expression; radical and experimental
  • in or into hiding or secret operation; "the organization was driven underground"
  • a secret group organized to overthrow a government or occupation force
  • belowground: under the level of the ground; "belowground storage areas"; "underground caverns"
  • Of or relating to the secret activities of people working to subvert an established order
  • Situated beneath the surface of the ground
    camera raw
  • A camera raw image file contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of either a digital camera, image scanner, or motion picture film scanner. Raw files are so named because they are not yet processed and therefore are not ready to be printed or edited with a bitmap graphics editor.
  • A file format used in Photoshop which offers a true digital negative of an image.
  • DNG is based on the TIFF/EP standard format, and mandates significant use of metadata. Exploitation of the file format is royalty free; Adobe have published a license allowing anyone to exploit DNG,Adobe: and have also stated that there are no known intellectual property encumbrances or license
  • A default, in computer science, refers to a setting or value automatically assigned to a software application, computer program or device, outside of user intervention. Such settings are also called presets, especially for electronic devices.
  • The Presets are a Sydney-based Australian duo, consisting of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes. They first met in 1995 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where they were both studying. In September 2005, they released their debut album, Beams, to positive critical response.
  • (preset) set in advance; "a preset plan of action"; "at a predetermined time"
  • Set or adjust (a value that controls the operation of a device) in advance of its use
underground camera raw presets - Underground!: The
Underground!: The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History (Disinformation Guides)
Underground!: The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History (Disinformation Guides)
Where did “modern” civilization begin? What lies beneath the waves? Do myths describe interstellar impact? How’d they lift that stone? Was the Ark of the Covenant a mechanical device? Were there survivors of an Atlantean catastrophe? Who really discovered the “New” World?
“Hidden history” continues to fascinate an ever wider audience. In this massive compendium, editor Preston Peet brings together an all-star cast of contributors to question established wisdom about the history of the world and its civilizations. Peet and anthology contributors guide us through exciting archeological adventures and treasure hunts, ancient mysteries, lost or rediscovered technologies, and assorted “Forteana,” using serious scientific studies and reports, scholarly research, and some plain old fringe material, as what is considered “fringe” today is often hard science tomorrow.
Contributors include: Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods, Underworld), David Hatcher Childress (Lost Cities and Civilizations series), Colin Wilson (From Atlantis to the Sphinx), Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archeology), William Corliss (Ancient Infrastructures), Robert Schoch (Voyages of the Pyramid Builders), John Anthony West (Serpent in the Sky), Michael Arbuthnot (Team Atlantis), Erich Von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods), and many more.
The editor of Under The Influence: The Disinformation Guide to Drugs, Preston Peet is a writer, editor, photographer, musician, actor, DJ, activist, and adventurer. A regular contributor to High Times magazine and its website, the editor of the controversial website DrugWar.com, and a columnist for New York Waste, he has published in a variety of publications both in print and online.

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This was inspired by the underground music scene especially in the 80's when people used to make mix tapes. I love that time period. I can't tell if it needs words. Personally I think images should be able to communicate with out text. I'm not a big fan of text I think it's just because my brain is more wired as an illustrator.
This underground passage at Sydney Central Station is never quiet as people go about their lives getting from one place to another.

underground camera raw presets
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