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Camera Phone Photography

camera phone photography
    camera phone
  • A mobile phone incorporating a digital camera
  • "Camera Phone" is the fourth single from The Game's third album, LAX. . The song features R&B singer Ne-Yo. The song was produced by Cool & Dre. It appears as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album only.
  • A camera phone is a mobile phone which is able to capture either still photographs or video. Since early in the 21st century the majority of cameras and of mobile phones in use are camera phones. Most camera phones are simpler than separate digital cameras.
  • This is a mobile phone with a built-in camera device so you can take pictures with your phone and newer phones, record videos too.
  • the act of taking and printing photographs
  • (photograph) a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material
  • The art or practice of taking and processing photographs
  • the process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces
camera phone photography - Digital Photography
Digital Photography For Dummies
Digital Photography For Dummies
Your digital camera can do so much! And Digital Photography For Dummies, 6th Edition helps you shoot, edit, and share great photos. This full-color guide is packed with stuff that’s not in your camera manual — tips on upgrading your equipment, working with focus and exposure, shooting like a pro, organizing and enhancing your images, and printing them or getting them online.
Are you already you’re hip-deep in images? Here’s how to manage them. This guide helps you learn what you need for the way you take pictures, how to prolong battery life, the pros and cons of digital SLR, and more. Baffled by the lingo? The glossary explains all those terms and acronyms. You’ll also learn to:
Set up your camera for basic shooting and learn to use automatic mode, common scene modes, and all the camera’s features
Manage depth of field, exposure, and white balance, and make easy fixes with your photo editor
Compose your photos for better pictures
Easily transfer your pictures to the computer, print them, or distribute them electronically
Edit your images and fix common problems like dim photos and red-eye
Send photos to a cell phone
Organize your pictures so you can find what you want
Decide if your camera needs updating, what equipment you need, and what your digital darkroom should have
Rich, full-color examples show what you can achieve. Digital Photography For Dummies, 6th Edition will make your digital camera a lot more fun!

If you're comfortable with the concept of photography but find the digital part a stumbling block, Digital Photography for Dummies will get you over the hump.
Author Julie Adair King, a photographer and graphics-software specialist, deftly explains such concepts as resolution, f-stop, and compression. She is also refreshingly upfront about the differences between film-based and digital photography, spelling out the latter's shortcomings early on. Her advice on all aspects of the field is well thought out and simple without being condescending. She informs readers, for example, that you needn't use high-pixel resolutions simply for placing images on a Web page. Such tips will come as a relief to fledgling photographers on a budget, or novices who may have thought they had to use the highest-quality settings at all times.
Aside from the technical concerns of working with the camera and computer, King also gives sound tips on composition and lighting. And since retouching is one of the principal benefits of digital photography, she spends a fair amount of time discussing photo-editing software. And while most of the examples are in black and white, the most important examples, gratefully, are included in a 16-page color plate section in the middle of the book.
For those of you considering jumping into the world of digital photography, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better guide to getting started than Digital Photography for Dummies. --John Frederick Moore

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Celebrating every moment: getting a new camera
Celebrating every moment:  getting a new camera
Yup--I've decided to take the leap and buy a real camera again. By real, I mean a dSLR. Years ago I co-owned (with my brother) a nice Pentax (film) SLR (I believe he has it now, having bought out my interest in it at bargain basement prices when I was a cash-strapped college student.) I was hesitant to buy one of the early dSLRs, since they had no track record and were massively expensive. I have been rather loyal to Olympus with their non-SLR products, but every review I read about Olympus cameras indicates they suck badly. Any Nikon seems to garner fantastic reviews and their owners are as nutty about them as Apple owners. One review put it best: "The only problem with this camera is that I can't marry it and have my children with it."
cel phone camera action photography
cel phone camera action photography
I changed the size for the web, but haven't done anything else to this photo. No sharpening, levels adjustment, cropping or anything. I wanted to preserve the glorious flaws in the photo. I had to snap the shutter before he was even on the ramp, due to shutter lag in my little phone cam. I think this could be the start of something new - camera phone action photogrpahy. Now I just have to figure out how to hook up my pocket wizards to my phone.

camera phone photography
camera phone photography
Lowepro Fastpack 250 (Black)
On streets or trails, you can shoot all day when you wear the lightweight, comfortable Fastpack 250 backpack by Lowepro. It protects a digital SLR with an 18-55mm or 17-85mm kit lens attached, plus 15.4" Widescreen notebook, and extra storage for 2-3 additional 105mm f/2.8, 18-200mm f/3.5, or 70-300mm f/4.5 lenses, flash, and other personal accessories. You won't miss a shot, because side-entry compartments let you grab equipment and accessories, even while you're on the move or without taking the backpack completely off! Customize the easy-to-access main compartment with adjustable dividers, use the outer organizer to keep larger accessories handy, and manage memory cards with a built-in pocket. Brethable, contoured shoulder straps distribute weight evenly.

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