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Peak Backup Camera System

peak backup camera system
    backup camera
  • A backup camera is a special type of video camera that is produced specifically for the purpose of being attached to the rear of a vehicle to aid in backing up. Backup cameras are alternatively known as 'reversing cameras' or 'rear view cameras'.
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peak backup camera system - Swan Peak
Swan Peak (Dave Robicheaux, No. 17)
Swan Peak (Dave Robicheaux, No. 17)
James Lee Burke’s beloved Louisiana lawman Dave Robicheaux returns—this time, traveling from New Iberia Parish to the wilds of Montana in this adventure-filled sequel to Black Cherry Blues.
Dave Robicheaux, his wife, and his buddy Clete Purcell have retreated to an old friend’s ranch, hoping to spend their days fishing and enjoying their distance from the harsh, gritty landscape of Louisiana post-Katrina. But the serenity is soon shattered when two college students are found brutally murdered in the hills behind where the Robicheauxs and Purcell are staying. They quickly find themselves involved in a twisted and dangerous mystery involving a wealthy, vicious oil tycoon, his deformed brother and beautiful wife, a sexually deviant minister, an escaped con and former country music star, and a vigilante Texas gunbull out for blood. At the center of the storm is Clete, who cannot shake the feeling that he is being haunted by the ghosts from his past—namely Sally Dio, the mob boss he’d sabotaged and killed years before.
Deftly weaving intricate, engaging plotlines and original, compelling characters with his graceful prose, Burke transcends genre yet again in the latest thrilling addition to his New York Times bestselling series.

83% (18)
Lone Pine - Granite View Sunrise
Lone Pine - Granite View Sunrise
At 4:45AM, in the dark, I led the Lone Pine meet-up gang up Granite View Road, a narrow, steep, dirt track that led to a tiny parking area at about 8,000 ft elevation. Lone Pine Peak towered at just below 13,000 to our right, just off this image. We set up our cameras on tripods, with remote shutter releases at the ready and awaited the dawn. The far mountain peak near the left skyline is Mt. Langley and the one just right of center is Mt Corcoran and then Mt LeConte (the tooth one). Composition here is pretty straight-forward. In post-processing I used a 'Triple Processing' technique in Photoshop CS3 to get each section of the image the way I wanted. The sky that morning was cloud-free. A few days later, we had some clouds at sunrise and I cloned in a few for this image. A friend commented that I had a productive photo trip up US 395. She was correct, I have so many good images from that week that they will take me months to process. However, I also had a bit of a disaster. On the very first day of my trip, I was photographing south of Whitney Portal Road beyond the Alabama Hills. We had stormy gray skies over the Sierra crest and snow crystals were blowing down onto me. I had my Nikon set up on my tripod and as I removed one filter to add another, a strong gust of wind blew my camera and tripod over, lens first into the soft decomposed granite soil. My 18-70mm Nikon lens front element now looks a bit like the surface of the planet Mercury. However, I was able to use the lens for the next week. The pitting of the front element put what looks like sensor dust on my images but I was able to correct in Photoshop. This images was taken with the damaged lens. I relearned a lesson--never leave your camera unattended, even for a few seconds, with an unprotected lens. Use a filter, lens cap or lens hood. And when you have a camera on a tripod and there is any wind, always put one leg downwind and never leave the setup unattended. I also learned that when you go on a photo trip, with the time and expense involved, it makes sense to have a backup camera and lens system--which I do not yet have. I'm shopping for a Nikon D300.
Driver's side SV-622 side-view camera
Driver's side SV-622 side-view camera
One of two SV-622 cameras that are mounted on either side of Ideal Towing's Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD wrecker.

peak backup camera system
peak backup camera system
Vulture Peak (Sonchai Jitpleecheep)
The mordantly funny, propulsive, fiendishly entertaining new novel featuring Royal Thai Police Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep--who has already led us through the author's four previous wildly praised Bangkok novels.

Sonchai is back. And this time he's been put in charge of the highest profile criminal case in Thailand: ending trafficking in human organs. He sets in motion a massive sting operation, traveling to Phuket, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai, and Monte Carlo, drawing in a host of unwitting players, including an aging rock star wearing out his second liver and Chinese twins known as the Vultures--mysterious, diabolical, albeit gorgeous co-queenpins of the international body-parts trade. But closer to home, things are getting really dicey for Sonchai: there are rumors that his ex-prostitute wife is having an affair, and Sonchai will soon discover whether he's enlightened enough--forget Buddhism, think jealousy--to cope with his own compromised and compromising world.

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