Recommended Daily Calories - Calorie Amount To Lose Weight

Recommended Daily Calories

recommended daily calories
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art journal entries - made with pencil. Left side: trying to draw a self portrait. A little similarity is there, but normally I don?t look like being beaten up. It?s not easy to make a good looking self portrait... At least you can see how happy I am after taking a shower :) Right side: to me the most delicious fast food (and junk food, because it?s free of any nutrients and full of calories, and I?m too lazy to add vegetables, as recommended): Ra myun (?? - korean friends always try not to laugh when I try to speak it correctly) is a korean noodle soup, very salty, very hot, and very good if you need to treat yourself to something delicious. I love it :) The hottest soup is called shin- ra myun (???) - so beware, if you are not used to spicy flavors! I just saw it - in the drawing I wrote it wrong.. I wrote shu ra myan instead of ra myun... sorry! ;)
Blue Bell's Newest Creations on a Stick
Blue Bell's Newest Creations on a Stick
Butter Crunch Bars are vanilla ice cream and a milk chocolate coating, with chunks of crunchy chocolate peanut butter candy inside and out. Delish. The fruit bars are high in vitamin C and made with real fruit. A single Lime Bar has 80 calories and 50% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin C. The Peach has 70 calories and 100 of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin C per serving :)

recommended daily calories
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