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Newborn Weight Loss Chart

newborn weight loss chart
    weight loss
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newborn weight loss chart - Health o
Health o Meter HDC100-01 "Grow with Me" Teddy Bear Scale for Babies and Toddlers
Health o Meter  HDC100-01 "Grow with Me" Teddy Bear Scale for Babies and Toddlers
The Health o meter Grow with me baby/toddler scale converts from tray to platform to support a child’s growth. It features a large 1.2” LCD display that makes reading the numbers easy. Accurately measures weight up to 60 pounds in increments of ? ounce. The Healthy Growth Baby Book and Growth Chart that are included with the scale allow you to track your child’s height and weight against national averages.

The Health-o-Meter HDC100-01 "Grow with Me" Teddy Bear Scale is a first-of-its kind consumer baby and toddler scale. As your child grows, the scale easily converts from a tray to a platform, making this a versatile and cost-effective device for weighing your child as he develops from a newborn to a toddler.
Use the Teddy Bear Scale to weigh your baby or toddler. View larger.

Remove the tray to weigh your child in a standing position. View larger.

Large 1.2-inch LCD display. View larger.
The large, easy-to-read 1.2-inch LCD display is front-facing so reading the weight is a breeze. Also, for added accuracy with small children, the scale weighs in half-pound increments up to 60 pounds. Calibration is a snap with a "zero out" feature that allows you to adjust for the weight of clothing or a diaper. This scale is powered by a replaceable nine-volt battery (not included), includes a growth chart to track height and weight against national averages, and it is backed by a five-year limited warranty.
Operating the Scale
Place the scale on flat, level surface. A hard surface, such as a tile or linoleum floor, is the best for maximum accuracy. If the scale is placed on a soft, deep rug, then it may not produce accurate results. Once the scale is placed on an appropriate surface, press On/Off and wait for the display to show zeros. If the display shows "0:0", the scale is set to pounds/ounces; if the display shows "0.00" the scale is set to kilograms/grams. Press the lb/kg button to select between pounds or kilograms.
The scale can be operated with or without the tray. When using the tray, make sure that it is securely locked into place before placing your baby on the scale. Simply lay your baby on the tray and read the display. To use the scale without the tray, you'll need to remove the tray by turning the locking nut clockwise. The tray is replaced by four rubber plugs and a supplied plastic cover tab. Once the cover is in place, hold your baby upright on the scale, and place the baby's feet so that the weight is evenly distributed. Of course, everyone knows that a baby rarely holds still. Health o Meter has an answer. If your child is moving, press the "Hold" button to lock in the correct weight. This function displays the baby's average weight for the time period.

What's in the Box
HDC100-01 baby and toddler scale, growth chart, and warranty.

85% (9)
The one year old boy
The one year old boy
Amid the laughter and smiles while attempting to take the picture, the underlying feeling for me was one of nostalgia and longing for more time. 12 month stats: 25.7 pounds - a loss of weight and the first time he can actually be on the charts at 99th percentile. 31 inches - 96th percentile head - large Bret thinks I should continue taking a picture every 4 months until it's impossible for him to fit in his newborn outfit. I thought maybe ending at age one was a good cut off. What do you think?
My friend's newborn baby. Once I saw the detail in here face I cropped in around it and tweaked it just slightly in PS to further highlight the detail. Shot with a single off-camera 580EX bounced into a silver umbrella and fired with eBay triggers. I actually had her dad hold the light and move it around until it was pretty much up over her and just to camera left a little.

newborn weight loss chart
newborn weight loss chart
Sassy Newborn Gift Set
When baby begins life, he's hungry for stimulating experiences, and the Sass 0+ Month Gift Set provide fistfuls of fun and learning that can provide baby with a solid foundation for lifelong learning. The Spin Shine Rattle helps develop vision, with a shiny flutter spinner and high contrast colors. A slender center bar helps develop grasping muscles. The Hello Baby! Phone is lightweight and easy for young babies to grasp. Soft rattle sounds encourage hearing skills. Beginning Bites feature multiple textures and fabrics for baby to manipulate, great for developing hand and mouth exploration. The Ring Rattle has high-contrast polka-dots and stripes that help develop visual skills. A clear center section includes moving beads to help with visual tracking. This set makes a play-perfect newborn gift. About Sassy Inc. Sassy Inc. began as the Sassy Seat Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with the manufacture of toddler booster seats. In 1982, the company was purchased and became Sassy, Inc. Through the 1980s, the company expanded to include an infant bouncer seat and feeding and nursing items. In 1996, the company launched a line of unique developmental toys. Sassy products focus on stimulating four specific developmental areas during baby's first year of life. Today, Sassy products are favorites of parents and babies, and the company now operates independently as a part of Kid Brands, Inc. Four interactive baby toys. Designed for 0+ months. Lightweight and easy to carry. Multiple textures for tactile exploration. High contrast designs for visual stimulation.

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