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Dental Chairs For Sale

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dental chairs for sale
dental chairs for sale - Operatory Chair
Operatory Chair Package No Cuspidor - Complete Dental Unit Chair Mounted System
Operatory Chair Package No Cuspidor - Complete Dental Unit Chair Mounted System
Operatory Chair Package no Cuspidor - Complete Dental Unit Chair Mounted System

Packages include the following:
Hydraulic patient chair
with wide back and full lumbar support, rotating armrests left or right, double articulating headrest with sliding height adjustment, 30 degree swivel from left and right of center, 3 programmable positions with automatic return and foot control
Asepsis 3
Asepsis 3 Handpiece automatic control with coolant controls, flex arm with air brake, diaphragm block design, wet/dry variable speed foot control, deluxe utility center with air /water filters and regulators, master shut off valves. Includes 3 way syringe and light post with cutout for internal wires and monitor bracket
Lucent post mounted light
with dual intensity, 4200-4500 Kelvin, dual axis light head rotation
Assistant's package
Asepsis telescoping 4 position assistant's package, Hve and saliva ejector, water / air quick disconnects, solids collector and clean water system
Note :X-Ray viewer and LCD monitor are not included default package, they are optional!

LCD Monitor and X-Ray viewer NOT INCLUDED, They are optional , if you want to add them to your package please contact us before you buy the system.
14 colors options to choose for upholstery
Dental Large Equipment , Mirage Operatory Chair Package with Cuspidor - Complete Dental Unit Chair Mounted System from endodentalsupply

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IMG 0598 - Bevans Run
IMG 0598 - Bevans Run
NHS Not for Sale Keep our NHS public Profits will come before care The Bill if passed will allow private companies to decide what care you are entitled to and whether you need to pay for it. Their priority is to make money for their shareholders, so the focus will be on profits, not patients The BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, BRITISH DENTAL ASSOCIATION, ROYAL COLLEGE OF MIDWIVES, THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF GPS AND THE ACADEMY OF MEDICAL ROYAL COLLEGES ARE OPPOSING OR DEEPLY CRITICAL OF THE BILL Chair of the NHS Consultants Association, Dr Clive Peedell, has run 160 miles (6 marathons in 6 days) with Dr David Wilson to show opposition to the Government’s NHS reforms to raise public awareness of the damaging effects of the Health and Social Care bill on the NHS.
IMG 0018
IMG 0018
Dental chair for sale. Works perfect for tattooing and piercing. $100-

dental chairs for sale
dental chairs for sale
Framed Black poster printed on 20 x 30 stock. James Beall Morrison's Tilting Dental Chair
This image is framed in a standard black wooden frame. The image is protected by a clear strong plexi glass which also adds a lustrous shine. This framed image will come with all the required hardware for hanging. This image is one a collection of vintage art, restored, and digitally reprinted on superior-quality poster paper as 20x30 inches. We print on heavy stock paper using water based inks in reproduction to achieve the most vibrant combination of colors. Images are kept as true to the originals as possible. What is paper stock? Paper stock is a term often used for posters, catalog covers and other items which require rigidity. LOWEST ONLINE PRICE GUARANTEED.