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Mexican Style Decorating

mexican style decorating
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mexican style decorating - Mexicocina: The
Mexicocina: The Spirit and Style of the Mexican Kitchen
Mexicocina: The Spirit and Style of the Mexican Kitchen
In the tradition of Chronicle Book's best-selling Mexicolor and Mexicasa, Mexicocina showcases over forty kitchens throughout Mexico. Melba Levick's stunning photographs and Betsy McNair's informative text and exciting recipes reveal the blend of native tradition, Old World ornamentation, and contemporary innovation that is the Mexican kitchen.
Mexicocina takes you behind the doors of private homes, museums, resorts, and cooking schools for an insider's tour of the kitchens of Mexico. Awash in bright colors and bold designs, each kitchen features traditional Mexican artistry flavored with the owners' distinctive style. Here, stainless steel meets colorful talavera tile, and the humble comal grill is as essential as a sleek appliance. Priceless collections of ceramics sit side-by-side with everyday dishware. And San Pasqual Bailn, the patron saint of cooks and kitchens, blesses every last handmade copper kettle, clay pot, and wooden spoon.
Inspiration abounds in these kitchens. Whether you're decorating a kitchen, planning a trip, or just dreaming of the rich aroma of caf de olla, Mexicocina takes you into the heart of the Mexican home, la cocina. And Mexicocina tantalizes more than just the eyes, featuring mouth-watering recipes for innovative Mexican dishes, from guacamole with fresh fruit to chile-scented chocolate truffles.

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bird-headed figure whistle
bird-headed figure whistle
Ceramic Mexico; Veracruz 8th-9th century This freestanding ceramic figure represents a mastery of Veracruz decorative style and a spirited, improvisational use of form. An attitude of power is conveyed by a wide stance, outward extended elbows, and hands placed upon hips. Opposing the solidity of this posture is the floating, asymmetrical form of a fantastic horned and feathered serpent projecting from the head of the masked human figure or bird-headed anthropomorph. This figure wears an elaborate collar and a loincloth with a panel decorated with an abstract design that can be read as a splayed anthropomorphic figure. The broad collar that caps the figure's shoulders possesses a central element and is incised along its edge to depict a fringed border. Panels of scrollwork and interlaces and bands of repeated motifs characteristic of the art of Veracruz appear in relief on surfaces throughout the composition. The figure is actually a whistle and its musical function and the creative, whimsical compositions that inform the object give it an air of ceremony and celebration. Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
Mexican Lottery Book
Mexican Lottery Book
I used the large version of Mexican lottery card to make this very distinctive cover. I used a red crosshatch patterned paper that I decorated with another Mexican lottery card on the inside of each cover. I made faux headbands, not something used on this style of binding. To bind the signatures to the book cover I used the long stitch binding with high quality black, Irish linen thread . Seriously, the pages will fall apart before the thread will. I used recycled envelopes with security printing on one side, recycled brown paper bags, red, yellow, pink and hot pink bond paper, white graph paper and yellow lined legal ruled paper to make up the signatures. This book has 128 pages with 256 surfaces to write/draw/sketch/whatever on. The book measures just under 6" wide, 4" tall and is 1 1/2" wide at the spine. This book fits easily into most bags.

mexican style decorating
mexican style decorating
Traditional Mexican Style Interiors (Schiffer Design Book)
There is charm and character in a Mexican home like no other architectural style. It is a classic, timeless style that remains in constant demand. All who enjoy looking at beautiful interiors and want new ideas for their own home will find this book irresistible. Over 280 color photographs of some of the most beautiful new, old, and remodeled Mexican-style homes are compiled here. Color is everywhere vibrantly painted walls offer a rainbow of hues, hand painted talavera tiles cover every available surface, and traditional Mexican folk arts adorn walls and furnishings. Twelve chapters illustrate beautiful entryways, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, ceilings and floors, stairways, niches, fireplaces, lighting, and arts. Having specific rooms and architectural details divided into separate chapetrs is a format sure to please decorators, designers, architects, builders, and homeowners looking for new and exciting ideas.