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glass garden decorations - Wind Chime
Wind Chime Stained Glass Dragonfly Garden Decoration Hanging Decor
Wind Chime Stained Glass Dragonfly Garden Decoration Hanging Decor
This gorgeous Wind Chime Stained Glass Dragonfly Garden Decoration Hanging Decor has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Our team prides ourselves on finding the best prices without reducing quality, and in this Wind Chime Collection, we have definitely done just that! The craftsmanship of this lovely Wind Chime Stained Glass Dragonfly Garden Decoration Hanging Decor is truly remarkable.

Wind Chime Stained Glass Dragonfly Garden Decoration Hanging Decor Details:

Condition: Brand New
Item SKU: SS-G-99855
Dimensions: L: 27 (inches)
Crafted with: Stained Glass And Copper

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Art for the Garden
Art for the Garden
My Bottle Tree was a surprise gift from my sister and the men who built our deck. My sister painted it blue, added the copper top, and friends donated the bottles. “Bottle Trees”, it is believed, originated in Northern Africa during a time when superstitious people believed that a genii or imp could be captured in a glass bottle.They thought that if an empty glass bottle was placed outside the home, the empty glass bottles would capture evil spirits at night and the spirit would be destroyed the next day in the sunshine. This practice was taken to Europe and North America by African slaves. Europeans adapted them into hollow glass spheres known as "witch balls". Witch balls were brought to the USA by the Pilgrims. Also, in the USA, during cattle drives or similar activities, if a cowboy died during the journey, his fellow cowboys buried him on the trail and, then, would drink in his memory. Their empty bottles were then hung on a dead tree in his memory. For my Flickr groups…
Pandora Moss Garden Terrarium
Pandora Moss Garden Terrarium
Gaze upon this glass-enclosed garden, an elegant terrarium. Add green to your workspace or home! Very little effort is required for upkeep. With the lid in place and bright, indirect light peering through, there’s minimal watering necessary. Dimensions: Approximately 4.5" W x 5.5" H A small little piece of the Earth in a glass apothecary jar...

glass garden decorations
glass garden decorations
Hanging Solar Garden Light - Cornet Shaped Solar Lights, Solar Tree Lighting - Set of Three (3) Lights
Cornets are an idea inspired by the shape and size of Nordic Christmas ornaments. Designed by Sven Ono, the cone shape of a Cornet has been transformed into a solar garden light designed to hang from tree branches. Capturing the sun's energy by day from a solar cell on the top of the Cornet, the lamp automatically turns on at dusk to illuminate gardens and yards. Creating a festive atmosphere, Cornets provide a surprisingly bright light from its frosted cone. Packaged with a set of stainless steel decorative hooks designed to enhance and simplify your installation. Made from RoHs-compliant (lead free) materials. Packaged as a set of three (3) Cornets.