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Play Cooking Games For Girls

play cooking games for girls
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they think that is playing
they think that is playing
The bombsites were spaces for play right from the first. They were places or horror and they were dangerous and forbidden, but children found the ingredients that they needed there for a rich play life. There was splintered burnt wood, broken glass, rubble - found objects that could be used to make anything in the world of their imagination. The people I talked to told stories of making dens and building swings and digging, playing with water and lighting fires, not out of destructive urges but because their homes were warmed and lit with fire, their food cooked with fire. They knew how to use fire and they cooked and lit and warmed themselves in their playing. They manipulated these spaces to meet their play needs. Children played on sites that had been the homes of their neighbours caught in the nightmare of the Blitz. For those of us who study play, this is fascinating to hear. The bombsites grew into Adventure Playgrounds through the intervention of the Architect Prof C Th. Sorensen and Lady Allen of Hurtwood. The first ever adventure playground in Emdrup in Copenhagen, created during the Nazi occupation, was inspired by the observations of the architect who saw kids playing on the fresh wounds of the city. When I saw this graffiti, on the walk from the PATH office to Glamis Adventure Playground last year, I was struck by its poignancy, especially as the children of Glamis had been clearing a stretch of land and kept digging up crystal teardrops from some long forgotten chandelier. I have one of these tear drops above my desk. He spoke out loudly and clearly. An elder who had lived his whole life in the East End, he was the only man in this play memory session. I mentioned the new DCSF (Department of Children Schools and Families) funding stream to create places to play. He said: “You don’t need no money to play. We played on the street with what we had. We made up games, found stuff to help us. We was never short of stuff to do, we was never bored. I look at the kids now and they have so much stuff that they think that is playing. The playgrounds are boring compared with what we had, which was nothing. You can’t do nothing on them places, no wonder the kids is bored. “We played everywhere. We made our own entertainment. Whatever we found we turned to our games. Cotton reels, boxes, whatever. The kids in my block now, they are Bangladeshi, but they call me ‘Uncle’ still, like we used to. They say ‘Uncle look at this’, and they show me what they can do on their computers and such, and it seems like the thing plays for them. They ain’t playing like we used to. They are really clever, but not like we used to be. They have grown used to needing stuff, we never had nothing and we played and played. I told him how playworkers try to get kids back to this place of discovery he had described. Another member of the group said: “Why don’t they ever ask us? Why does nobody come to us to understand what children need? We had nothing. But we really played. I wish they would ask us.” And a woman from Nigeria said: “We had no toys. The boys made footballs from bundled up rags and stuff to kick about. The girls made dolls from wood and cloth. We played all the time.”
2010 501 Waiting for the bounce
2010 501 Waiting for the bounce
So here is the story.... I was the official photographer for my daughters Girl Scout Camp Out Dinner (my fave kind where someone else cooks, you eat and visit and then go home to a nice cozy house and bed!!!!) and my camera started acting up. It started giving me error messages after I would snap a pic. Then it would give me a bad card message (terrifying because I had all of my son's 1st Communion on the card!!!) Luckily for me, I had another card and I popped it in and went on shooting the 5 year old girl scouts! When I got home about 20 files were vacant and this photo was left. I got all of the other pics off the card and re formatted it and it is working properly again but I liked this image. I could never get this result in post processing mostly because I would just never think to try it! Anyway this is my little one on the trampoline with 3 friends and it was her turn to be "dead man" (lay down in the middle, close your eyes and hope your friends don't land on your head as they jump frantically around you!) She hates the game but was a good sport for her little buddies!!

play cooking games for girls
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