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Cooking Quail On The Grill

cooking quail on the grill
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Quail with its oyster stuffing
Quail with its oyster stuffing
Stuff each quail with 2 or 3 oysters, a thin slice of lemon, some butter and salt & pepper. Cover in smokey bacon or pancetta. Roast for about 20 minutes in a 230 C oven. (preheated of course) Then take off the bacon, turn on the grill and brown them in another 5 minutes or so. A thermometer is nice to make sure they are thoroughly cooked. (Although I'm not sure at what temperature that is. If you would try this I suggest you find out before you start. Unlike me :-) ) This recipe comes from Johannes van Dam. When I later searched the internet I couldn't find anybody else who'd done this. Haha. I know real foodies say the fewer ingredients the better. And I didn't want to spent too much time on these 2 experimental quails, so this recipe was exactly what I wanted. But a next time I will add some fermented black beans, spring onion, ginger and shaoxing ricewine for sure. I think it will be a winner then. ;-)
Epic feast at Bo.lan
Epic feast at Bo.lan
So delicious. ??????????????????????????? Yum chakram sai Gung mae naam Ayuthaya Salad of Samut Songkram samphire and grilled Ayuthaya river prawns ??????????????????????????????????????????????? Lon pla insee kem naem nok kratar Salted Spanish mackerel simmered in coconut cream with prawn accompanied with charcoal-grilled local quail (on the bone) ?????????????????????????????? Gaeng khii lek nuea yang ko kam pang saen Khii lek (cassioa) leave & flower curry with slow cooked “KU” beef ???????????????????????????????????????????????? Pad kai baan kub nahm phrik prikthai orn Stir-fried herbal-fed chicken with green peppercorn and palm heart ???????????????? Nam geang tam jai luak Bo.lan soup of your choice

cooking quail on the grill
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