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Car Cooking Games

car cooking games
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#29 Nascar Race Car Video
#29 Nascar Race Car Video
Cooke School Car Show founders would like to extend an open invitation to classic, hot rod, rat rod, motorcycle, truck and late model car owners to attend the show. Restored (60-64) 60's Street Machine (60-69), Classics Motorcycles, Customs (50 to present) Early Restored (50-59) Early Street Machine (50-59) Early Truck (49-69), Late Restored (70-83) Late Street Machine (70 to present) Late Truck (70 to present) Mini Truck, Modern Muscle (80 - 92) Modern Muscle (93 - present) Original (49 - 59) Original (60 - 69), Rat Rods Sports Car (49 - 79) , Sports Car (80 to present) Street Rod Pro Street Race/Shoot out Car, Under Construction Awards Given For: Best Ford, Best Chevy, Best Mopar, Best AMC, Best Paint, Best Engine, Best Interior, Principle's Choice, Pavement Pounder, Guys Choice, Gals Choice, Spectator's Choice and Most Cars from Club Award. Give A ways: 4 give aways every hour starting at 9:30 and continuing until 2:00. Goodie Bags: Goodie bags for children, spectators, as well as participants. Raffles: A variety of raffles are held throughout the day. Trophies / Wall plaques: For all participants. Food Court: Cold drinks, snacks, and a variety of summertime food Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides: For an additional cost, take a ride and view the show from the air. Jail: Have a friend "arrested", only to bail them out as a fundraiser. Or buy a Get out of Jail Free card to avoid the friendly hassle. Cooke School is located at 21200 Taft Road, just north of Eight Mile Road in the City of Northville, Michigan. Driving Directions: From the west (Ann Arbor) M-14 East to Beck Road; North on Beck Road to Eight Mile Road; East on Eight Mile Road to Taft Road; North on Taft Road to Cooke School. Located on the right hand side of the road. From the east (Detroit) Eight Mile Road crossing 275, Novi Road and Center Street to Taft Road; North on Taft Road to Cooke School. Located on the right hand side of the road. From the north (Brighton) 96 East to Novi Road; Novi Road south to Eight Mile Road; West on Eight Mile Road to Taft Road; North on Taft Road to Cooke School. Located on right hand side of the road. From the south (Canton) Sheldon Road north to Eight Mile Road; West on Eight Mile Road to Taft Road; North on Taft Road to Cooke School. Located on right hand side of the road. 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo #29 Shell Pennzoil Nascar This custom Richard Childress #28 Shell Pennzoil Nascar was donated in support of the amazing programs for special needs students at Cooke and Old Village schools in Northville, Michigan. It was donated by a family whose child currently attends Cooke and was a former student at Old Village School. The donor purchased this vehicle to take on a tour to some of the most popular car shows across the county to help raise awareness about the students and programs offered at Cooke and Old Village schools, and to build excitement about the car. After the tour is over in January of 2011, the car will be sold to the highest bidder live on the Discovery Channels HD Theater popular Mecum Auctions show and all the proceeds will go to the Cooke and Old Village schools. The generous people at Mecum Auction are also donating their time and support to this worthy cause. The retired 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Shell Pennzoil Car was raced by Daytona 500 champion #29 Kevin Harvick at Atlanta and tested at Indianapolis, Charlotte and Michigan. The donor transported the vehicles to the two schools and the students were able to see, touch and pose with it. They also received special racing hats donated by Richard Childress Racing, Harvick’s racing sponsor, and also by Mecum Auction Company which will auction the car. The special education center programs at Cooke and Old Village schools are operated and staffed by an incredible group of Northville Public School educators. They provide individualized programming for more than 300 students with special needs. The students include children and young adults who are severely cognitively impaired and who also may have motor, communication, physical, sensory and emotional impairments that make it difficult for them to learn in a general education environment. Due to the severe budget cutbacks that have taken place in the state of Michigan, the school has lost funding it needs to operate. By the generosity of the donor and Mecum Auction Company, we are hoping to help give the school back some of their much needing funding. Northville Educational Foundation is recognized as a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization. Gifts are tax- deductible. THANK YOU ! Cooke School is an educational center for students with cognitive impairments. We serve students from 14 local districts in Western Wayne County, and our population includes students who are severely cognitively impaired, severely multiply impaired and dually diagnosed students who are both cognitively and emotionally impaired. Our students often attend school until a
Camp #1
Camp #1
3-19-11 Sleeping the previous night had been somewhat awkward... my tent mate had set up the sleeping bags so that they went parallel to the slope of the ground so I had to be careful not to roll into him and night and despite the 24+ hours of rain the area had received the ground was as hard as steel. This did not bode well for me because about a year ago I had taught myself to sleep on my side and my pelvis was absolutely crushed to fine powder(and genius me, had forgotten a pillow but had brought two polyester blankets). The morning came with typical spring cold and moderate rain so everyone woke up at about 9am and spent 30 minutes in their bags keeping warm. Everyone grabbed a quick breakfast of whatever they had packed(The trip was stupidly unorganized and you can imagine the redundancy there was in the food that was brought for the three days.) and the day began fairly slowly. After a bit of small talk and lazying about in our tents, we began cooking some hot dogs for lunch and some of the people decided to take a hike in the rain... I went to check out the lake we had settled next to and everyone went off to do their own things so I decided to walk as far as my twisted ankle would carry me without it breaking. I managed to find a river and lots of trees which was two more things than I was expecting to find in the middle of nowhere(seriously.... couldn't get a spot next to the beach?). After a nice walk in the rain, I got back and decided to charge my phone in the car and listen to AM radio in the dryness of my car. Finally, everyone came back and we got to cooking Sloppy Joes and salad for dinner while some of the guys played god with a soccer ball instead of their usual hackysack. After a surprisingly good and filling dinner, the guys brought out the fire extinguisher and decided to have a bit of fun in the rain with it. Considering the fire extinguisher was "trash" it was very good fun. By this time it was getting late so we all went into the large tent and began playing a bunch of games: apples to apples, I have never, poker, ect. After all those games had lost their appeal, we began telling stories and learning more about one another which was a very good idea considering the some people didn't hang out very often with the physics club. Again, we stayed up late and finally crashed past 1pm. At this point, just about everything was wet, clothes, socks, tents, food. This night went slightly worse than the first considering that water got into my tent and into my clothes, the tent collapsed at night and I bent my finger rushing to fix it and the ground again was a pain.

car cooking games
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