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Safety Of Microwave Cooking

safety of microwave cooking
    microwave cooking
  • A microwave oven, or simply a microwave, is a kitchen appliance that cooks or heats food by dielectric heating. This is accomplished by using microwave radiation to heat water and other polarized molecules within the food.
  • A heating method uses radiation generated by a special oven to penetrate the food. It agitates water molecules, creating friction and heat; this energy then spreads throughout the food by conduction (and convection in liquids).
  • Denoting something designed to prevent injury or damage
  • A condom
  • the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions; "insure the safety of the children"; "the reciprocal of safety is risk"
  • The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury
  • a safe place; "He ran to safety"
  • guard: a device designed to prevent injury or accidents

Oh the pain of it all....
Oh the pain of it all....
Sorry guys, if you are at all a bit squeamish - look away. Just a reminder what a microwave steam injury can do to you. Yes, it hurt like hell and today it is even worse. I think I did this on Monday night and as of today it is even worse. The whole middle finger is one huge blister and some on my ring finger. Off to the Doctors tomorrow. I am so right handed too, so my time on the computer/typing/photography are very limited. But hubby is great with cooking, washing up and helping about. Oh how I love my man :) Guess no hospital shifts for me for nearly 2 weeks. My this will cramp my style now.
Pyrex on Steriods
Pyrex on Steriods
We've been supersized in more ways than fast food. On the left is what a "cup" looked like in the 60's. On the right is what a "cup" looks like today. If not for the handle the vintage measuring cup would fit INSIDE the modern one. Is it the usage of Microwave ovens that require bigger thicker glass? Maybe, but it looks to me like they made room for the PYREX logo.

safety of microwave cooking
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