Chewy Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

chewy peanut butter cookie recipe
    peanut butter
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zedomg best peanut butter blondie ever.
zedomg best peanut butter blondie ever.
testers for isa and terry's forthcoming cookie book. possibly my new favourite sweet EVER. Z-E-D-O-H-M-Y-G-O-D. i am not being irrational when i say that these are my second all time faves.maybe even first still being the gigantoid peanut butter oatmeal cookies.i'm gonna make those and these and compare.holy crap.i of course was expecting these to be good,because they're peanut butter,but no,these are blowing my find.they're like fudge.but unlike fudge you can have a big piece and there's something more to it,like more substantial and more going on than sugar overload.(no offense to fudge) i cut a little square of them and ate it hot from the oven and it was like melting in my mouth and i felt like "i need someone to be experiencing this with me".they're super dense and just perfect,and i used salted peanuts and they're so sweet and salty....ahhh.i'm gonna make the gigantoid pbs and these again and i was not expecting this.yeah,this morning i was excited to see a pb recipe to test,but i had no idea my world would be turned upside down like this. i have vanilla cranberry pb and am gonna make these again with that and add dried cranberries to the batter. also,these would be amazing warm with vaniller ice creams.
peanut butter chocolate pillows
peanut butter chocolate pillows
03/22/09 tester for isa and terry's upcoming cookie book! the best ones i made's like a soft,non-melting,chewy,peanut butter cup.taste is sooo good.damn. i've made 2 vegan recipes of this kind of cookie before and this is by far the bestest yet.

chewy peanut butter cookie recipe
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