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Flight Following Jobs

flight following jobs
    flight following
  • (JP 1-02, NATO) - The task of maintaining contact with specified aircraft for the purpose of determining en route progress and/or flight termination. (See also air control point (ACP), air corridor, and communications checkpoint (CCP).) See FMs 1-111 and 100-103.
  • Consists of radar traffic advisories provided to VFR aircraft by air traffic control on a workload permitting basis. Although advice regarding proximity to other aircraft may be provided it is still the VFR pilot's responsibility to see and avoid other aircraft.
  • ATC radar surveillance of VFR flights at pilot request over water or desolate areas. Facilitates search and rescue should it be needed. Service provided only if controller is not too busy with IFR traffic.
  • (job) a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee; "estimates of the city's loss on that job ranged as high as a million dollars"; "the job of repairing the engine took several hours"; "the endless task of classifying the samples"; "the farmer's morning chores"
  • (job) occupation: the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money; "he's not in my line of business"
  • (job) profit privately from public office and official business
  • Steven (Paul) (1955–), US computer entrepreneur. He set up the Apple computer company in 1976 with Steve Wozniak and served as chairman until 1985, returning in 1997 as CEO. He is also the former CEO of the Pixar animation studio

Following Orders
Following Orders
Triana Mills glanced down at the simple text message she had shot to Liam. She felt terrible for him having to witness Eve's temper the last time they'd met. She gave a soft sigh, reaching down to finger the holster of the pistol on her right leg. It gave her a bit of reassurance, which was silly for a vampire. She really shouldn't need guns with the disciplines she had, but she wasn't one to use them the way most Kindred did. Replacing the cell phone in her pocket, she looked up, waiting for the sound of the subway car to warn her of it's arrival. Dorian O'Connor follows her into the subway. Midian tempers assured him the street above would be vacant. Rubberneckers... having to watch people killing instead of doing it themselfes. He'd watched her, as he had been ordered. The subtlties were there. Triana was not as confident as his Eve. He walked down the stairs and put on his face a slightly addleminded look. People expected mutes to be stupid. He walks hear her and looks down the track, both ways. Of course, he says nothing. Triana Mills tensed slightly as she noticed someone enter the subway. The man was familiar. In fact, she had seen him a lot the passed couple of days. Perhaps too much. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she looked him up and down. He was tall, built, looked like he could take out the subway train if it pissed him off. She took a step back, clearing her throat as she waited. An uneasy feeling settled in her long dead and dried up stomach. Dorian O'Connor concentrates and brings up in his mind the mempry of his being a lost little boy. He hopes the look has reached his eyes and this weak thing he must make strong will take pity on him. He lifts his left hand to his throat and gags slightly. He turns to look at her, trying to make contact with her eyes so she can see he is a harmless mute, possibly in pain. His scar shows a bit. But he also wants to see HER eyes, to make sure he has the right woman ... Triana Mills frowns, her hand moving away from her gun's holster when she hears a gagging. Her eyes lock on the man in front of her as he turns to look at her, her eyes widening slightly. Stepping forward, she reaches up as she looks him over. He had a scar on his throat. But, she wondered if he was choking. "Are you all right?" Dorian O'Connor moves quickly and tries to grab both of her hands in his vice grip. If successful he will look into her eyes and allow the lost look to vanish as he looks into her green eyes, inclining his head to the left, as if looking at something closely. No sound comes from him. He only looks at her. Were she human she would surly already be terrified. not by the look in his beautiful eyes, but at the LACK of anything in his eyes. No emotion, no .. nothing. Triana Mills had stumbled back as the man lunged for her, one of her dainty little hands caught in his grip. Her free hand immediately moved to her holster, flipping the latch and pulling the firearm into plain sight. She was indeed terrified, simply for the fact that besides drinking blood, she still acting as if she were truly human. It had become beyond a habit, it was a belief until something shook her from it. This man's eyes were like looking at death. Raising the pistol, she would aim it at him. It wasn't difficult at such close distance. But he had caught her with her arm fully stretched as she stumbled. She readjusted her weight on the back foot that was holding her up, holding the gun out at arms length at his face. "Release me!" Dorian O'Connor hears her words and for a moment he freezes. His grip slackens a tad, but not near enough for her to consider escape. In his mind comes Eve's voice, reminding him not to be swayed. he glances down at the gun. Would a weak woman shoot a poor mute man? He raises his head slightly, his gaping scar coming into plain view. He reaches for the gun, his lips in a straight line and if he can grab it and her hand, he will place the gun's barrel at his heart. Does he want to doe? No. But he is testing her. Can she kill him? Will she even be allowed. He knows his Eve is in there. He can feel her, smell her ... Triana Mills gasps softly when the man grabs her gun and places it to his heart. A sudden pang of guilt twists her blackened heart, and her expression turns to one of deep concern and pity. "...no." If he would allow it, she would rip the gun away and replace it in her holster, taking another step toward the man. She felt as if she could've known him, perhaps in a former life, maybe loved him. She reaches up as if to embrace him, looking into his emotionless eyes. "...why do you want to die...?" Dorian O'Connor lets her put the gun away. Interesting, he thinks, and he thinks and speaks perfectly clearly in his mind. He watches her come to him and when she reaches up to embrace him, he allows it. He wraps his strong arms around her lightly, lighter than he had done with Eve. He has
Hawker Sea Hawk WV908 At Meet the Navy 2010 WV908 was built at Baginton, Coventry by Armstrong-Whitworth. It was assembled at Bitteswell and took its first flight on 31st January 1954. Delivered to the Fleet Air Arm at RNAS Abbotsinch in February 1955, it served initially with 807 NAS (Navy Air Squadron) based at RNAS Brawdy, and was embarked on HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark. During November 1955 WV908 was flown to RNAY Fleetlands, where it underwent modifications to the airframe. It was back in service in July 1956, this time with 898 NAS, also based at RNAS Brawdy. With this unit it was coded '470/O', and was based on HMS Ark Royal on several occasions. From July 1957 WV908 was again at Fleetlands, this time for conversion FGA.6 specification. In April 1958 WV908 was issued to 806 NAS, based at RNAS Lossiemouth. This period of service only lased three weeks, as the aircraft suffered damage following a forced landing. Sent back to Fleetlands for repair, it rejoined the Unit, now based at RNAS Brawdy, in July 1959. It was coded '188/A' for this role, wearing the colours it wears today, and stayed in service until 1960 when she was retired and placed in store. In October 1960 it was re-assigned to second line duties with 738 NAS at RNAS Lossiemouth, and stayed for a two-year period. Mothballed again in 1962, it remained in storage at Belfast until 1971, when it was loaned to RAF Halton and used a systems trainer for RAF engineers. In 1976 a team of engineers from RNAS Culdrose selected WV908 for their project to restore a Sea Hawk to flying condition. It was moved by road to Cornwall in November 1976, and a restoration started in earnest. On 23rd May 1978 WV908 flew for the first time since 1962. After flying from Cornwall for several years the aircraft was transferred to Yeovilton to join the Historic Flight in 1982 to begin a two year overhaul programme. The aircraft flew again in 1984 and was displayed in her 806 Squadron markings with the codes [188/A]. After the 1986 airshow season she was given another major overhaul emerging in 1989 in pristine condition. It was reflown by Lt. Cdr. Mike Broadwater on September 20th. Sadly the funds to keep the aircraft flying were simply not available and she was therefore put into long-term storage. The Sea Hawk emerged from her slumber in early 1995, when British Aerospace at Dunsfold took on the task of giving WV908 a major overhaul. The aircraft was moved to the Surrey factory and a restoration programme began. The overhaul suffered a few setbacks along the way, including the discovery of corrosion in the aircraft's Rolls Royce Nene engine. However the restoration team overcame all quickly. A series of small snags then dogged the aircraft as it reached the final stages during 1996, and this prompted the RNHF to cancel any possible airshow work for the aircraft during the 1996 season. This allowed the team at Dunsfold to do a lot of 'fine-tuning' to the airframe. Finally WV908 made her first post restoration flight on October 23rd 1996 at Dunsfold. At the controls was pilot Lt. Cdr. David Baddams, and the aircraft flew for 58-minutes. He was delighted with the aircraft's performance. The following day WV908 was ferried to Yeovilton ready for her official hand-over back to the RNHF on 1st November. WV908 made her debut performance at the Fighter Meet 1997 at North Weald in company with W5856 on May 10th/11th; this was the first of the numerous planned displays for the 1997 summer season. However during July 1997 WV908 suffered severe heat damage to the fuselage structure in the engine bay, caused by escaping engine exhausts and gases from the Nene engine. The problem was very serious, with the aircraft being permanently grounded a realistic possibility. The RNHF team evaluated the problem and reached a decision to repair the damage, and BAE-Systems were employed to undertake the repair job in 1998. It was moved back to BAe Dunsfold by road where work was started, but two years the aircraft returned to Yeovilton in September 2000 following the factory's closure. The pace of the repair then dropped as a small group of BAe engineers, deployed especially to Yeovilton, concentrated on getting Firefly WB271 back in the air first. In mid-2002 the team began full-time work on WV908, and a little over a year later the aircraft was repaired and now fully re-assembled. It was placed on static display at Yeovilton Air Day 2003, minus its ejection seat equipment. Unfortunately the overhaul of the cockpit safety equipment took a considerable amount of time, and it wasn't until early September 2004 that the items returned to Yeovilton. The RNHF team then worked at full speed re-installing all the equipment, which was completed in the space of one day. Ground runs then re-commenced, with the aim of getting the aircraft fit to fly at Yeovilton Air Day on 18th September. On Wednesday 15th September, WV908 flew again for the first time in seven years, in the hands of Russ

flight following jobs