In Car Camera For Racing

in car camera for racing
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in car camera for racing - Sports Car
Sports Car Racing in Camera 1950-1959
Sports Car Racing in Camera 1950-1959
Following the success of Haynes’s In Camera titles covering sports car racing and Formula 1 in the 1960s and 1970s, the spotlight is turned on the 1950s, starting with the vibrant sports car scene of that decade. Meticulously researched and rare photographs – over half of them in color – are brought to life through the author’s well-observed and atmospheric commentary to create a visually stunning and highly nostalgic record of this dramatic decade. Sports Car Racing in Camera 1950–59 will appeal not only to motor racing enthusiasts but also to anyone interested in the racing history of sports car manufacturers.

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The Race is On (Explored!)
The Race is On (Explored!)
Some years back I was driving on one of the state roads up in Franklin County here in Maine when I came across a young moose in the road. I stopped the car, not wanting to hit it, and it kind of looked at me, while I looked at it and I scrambled to get my camera out. (Being a recent Pennsylvania transplant this was an OMG moment) I flipped the camera to video mode, filmed a while, then decided to leave the moose be and continue on my way. I slowly passed the moose and as I was pulling alongside, it decided it wanted to race me. Now, I couldn't go too fast (I was afraid it would dart in front of me), but I certainly didn't want to be doing THIS all day either. So I stopped the car, and the moose stopped running, looked at me like "WELL? I'm not done!" then started running with me again when I started back up. Needless to say, I managed to capture probably a once-in-a-lifetime photo while trying to figure out how to get past it without one or both of us getting hurt in the process. For what its worth, we probably paced each other for a good half mile before I managed to get far enough ahead that I felt safe getting back to road speed again. EDIT: Apparently this photo was explored last year and I missed it! Belated grats to myself?
Oak Tree Turn - VIR - Chumpcar race - 2011
Oak Tree Turn - VIR - Chumpcar race - 2011
This is the famous Oak Tree turn at the south end of Virginia International Raceway during the Chumpcar 24 hour race on 7/30. I am one of the drivers of this car - team Neon Light District. This race was set up to run the south course during the day, then shut down for 1 hour to switch over to the full course all night, then back to the south course in the morning. Before our car's transmission exploded at 3am, I was lucky enough to drive the south course and the full course. This was my first night racing experience and I have to say it is very surreal and exciting, especially since I had never driven the full course in daylight. This phot is completely raw, straight out of the camera.

in car camera for racing
in car camera for racing
British Touring Car Racing in Camera: A photographic celebration of 50 years
The first official British Saloon Car Championship was held in 1958, so 2008 marks the 50th anniversary of this ever-competitive, highly popular form of racing, now called the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). This book will be a photographic sweep over the entire 50 years (with a preamble about pre-1958 saloon car racing), presented in the style of our Formula 1 in Camera titles, using as much color as possible. As the overview below shows, there have been plenty of well-known and exciting cars over the years, and numerous notable drivers too, including World Champions such as Mike Hawthorn, Jim Clark and Graham Hill and colourful characters such as Gerry Marshall, Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams and Tony Lanfranchi.

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