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Cool Toys For 8 Year Old Boys

cool toys for 8 year old boys
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"New" toy
"New" toy
ODC: Close Camera Cliches - Scavenger Hunt Thread HCS! I got this beauty from my wife?s stepfather. While on vacations on their home I asked him if he knew a garage sale or second hand shop where I could buy old photo gear, he said "do you want an old camera"? I said YES, he came in to the house, and I waited there happy and anxious as any 8 years old boy waiting for an old/new toy, he came out with and old photo bag and gave to me and said: "there you go" My heart pounded quite fast while I felt the weight of the bag, I started to opening slowly and I saw this beauty with and awesome sharp piece of glass on it, the Hexanon 40mm f/1.8, then more things started to pop up slowly: a 28mm, a 200mm, a tele-converter x2 and 3 macro tubes... so cool... I?ve tried my first film roll and it?s on the lab, we?ll see how it worked. I?ve compared the light-meter with the one my D40 and it looks pretty accurate too.
FP: Madz is 3 Years Old Today
FP: Madz is 3 Years Old Today
EXPLORE # 37 Madeleine (Madz), my granddaughter is three years old today. Happy Birthday Madz !! Photographed during the Pinoy Macro BS/EB in Pansol, Laguna. Happy Monday Blues everyone !

cool toys for 8 year old boys
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