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Classic Toys Stack Sort Board

classic toys stack sort board
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Shelob got stacked (1st go at stacking)
Shelob got stacked (1st go at stacking)
1st go at stacking. I deliberately took this (well 7 of them) with a view to stacking it. Luckily super flickerite Eddie (or Wildlife On The Go aka. Bugman) gave some friendly tips on what to do. It does make for a scary photo and you can see the difference in what is in focus. The shot below was taken at a slightly different angle and greater magnification so even though there is less of it in focus I think I prefer that one. Well anyway as it's my first stack any feedback greatly appreciated on how to make them better! Cheers Ol
9 towers 7 cd's tall; three rows are joined to the center, then the centers are all joined in the very middle... which has a spiral stack on top. sorry, the Requiem is somewhere in the spiral stack, however, Rimsky-Korsakov's Sheherazade now has the spot of honor. this is it: I've run out of cd cases :(

classic toys stack sort board
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