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Black 4" Portable Massage Chair Tattoo Spa Free Carry Case

1. The chair was purchased to replace a massage chair in our salon that had broken due to design flaws and cheap welding. We have a massage therapist that works part time and so we use it 3 days a week.
The chair arrived a few days after placing the order, packing seemed ok, just a basic box with some bubble wrap. The bag did not have any tears like another reviewer had mentioned and the chair was in perfect condition also. After setting up the chair and testing it out we have found it to be a lot more comfortable than our previous chair (at 3 times the cost) however the cushions seem to have a little more of a tendency to "wrinkle" out of shape. This goes away after cleaning the chair between clients, I guess it is because the foam filling and "pleather" are softer than our previous chair. The chair has a lot of different settings/adjustments which is always good with every client being a different size and it is also easy to adjust/change. Having a bag is also a plus for us as we sometimes send our therapist out to do promotional events. Its light enough for her to carry on her own too!
All in all I think the chair is amazing for the price considering the local salon supplier here (DFW area) wanted to sell me something similar for well over double the price. The great thing is that if it does break (don't see that happening) then even buying another one of these still won't add up to the cost of similar chairs from other suppliers. You could spend $200-$400 on a massage chair but honestly this does the same job!

2. I really like this chair. I should start out by being honest about assembly though... It wasn't a walk in the park. After 1/2 hour of trying to figure out how the hand rest attaches to the chair we realized that one of the metal bars of the fork joint wasn't manufactured correctly, and was about 1/4" off. My husband heroically decided to bend the bar to his will, and muscled it into place- but he is a very large, muscled man and I would never have been able to pull that off if I were trying to assemble it myself. I would have panicked too, because the return policy is a tad sketchy. However, once assembled, the chair has performed like a champion! I LOVE it and am totally glad I didn't pay more for a "name brand" massage chair. It is extremely lightweight, and I am fairly petite - I have no trouble at all collapsing and maneuvering it around. Comes with a nice quality case too, and it fits well in the case. It is very easy to clean. I would recommend this chair to my friends and other therapists, with the caveat of crossed fingers to hope all the parts fit right the first time...

3. I've been a MT for a while now, but have never owned my own chair. Had to get one for an upcoming event. Received my chair earlier than expected, just a few days after ordering. The "simple instructions" are too simple; and yet complicated at the same time! So, after looking online for help with assembly, because I knew I was just doing something stupid to make things difficult on myself, I decided to break it down here. The only place that really carries this chair! Also should mention that I went to the website listed on the instructions, and it was "CLOSED" for maintenance, for who knows how long. So, first, the chair comes MOSTLY assembled. The arm rest must be removed, because it sits, well, on the seat. I cannot tell you how dumb I felt after I took a step back and thought about the positioning of the chair, and realized the arm rest was on the wrong side of the chair! And yes, this is why I searched the net! This is the top right picture on the instruction sheet. Now, it shows numbers 1 and 2, I don't know why because it looks like it telling you to do something with the nut and bolt at the top of the joint, based on the pictures not the arrows. And nothing is actually numbered All you have to do, is remove the long nut and bolt, toss the plastic pieces, and use the 2 wrenches (included) to tighten the arm rest in place. That's it. Then insert the head rest and tighten the hell out of that. That's all there is too it. Don't make it hard on yourself like I did!

Customer Reviews 
Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

1. After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase this chair. It does actually say on the box that the working weight is 300 lbs not 1000 lbs. I'm not sure why it's advertised for the greater weight, but I suppose most people fall under the category of 'under 300 lbs'. It is also true that there aren't any instructions included, but it's pretty simple to figure out and it's already put together. My biggest problem was figuring out how to fold it back up again, but that didn't take too long. The color is a dark navy blue, which I prefer, and not the bright blue seen in the picture. It is well made and very comfortable. I am over 6 feet and did find it a little tricky to make it fit my height. Fortunately, the face cushion is attached by velcro to the frame, so it was just a matter of 'ripping' it off and repositioning it as far 'up' as it could go. There is a 'sternum' pad that is included that I needed for my height. After all those little adjustments, it worked fine for me, but I could see how this would be a challenge for very big people. The case is a great option and fits easily into a closet. I would definitely recommend this chair to others.

2. This chair was bought as a present to my wife...she loves massages but being a slim build its hard to give her a nice massage on the bed or the couch even so this was the gift that keeps on giving so to speak. I have to say the quality of this chair is excellent and really just well built. Feels lighter than the 20#'s listed (I am guessing they included the weight of the bag/carry case.) Speaking of which it was really just a surprise to get such a nice funtional case with it...usually these things are just flimsy throw aways...not this one it is fitted and has side bolsters to support the chair square once it is set in lets see....well built...lots of plastic which originaly scared me as such things have a tendency to snap or break, but no problems so far after a month of daily use. The chair is comfortable, adjustable, and well built. Excellent purchase.

3. I'm not a professional masseuse, but just someone who enjoys giving them to the wife to keep her happy! I have been looking for a massage chair for about 6 months and have been looking at ones for 2-3 times that much. I was hesitant after I read some of the poorer reviews, but still ordered it given some of the good reviews. It got here very quickly and in great shape. The chair is very easy to put into working position. There are no instructions, but the pictures on the box show you how to put it up, so if you can follow some very basic visual instructions, you will be fine! The unit is very light and easy to move around. The adjustments are easy, quick and very comfortable. There were a couple of issues noted in other posts with height adjustments, but I'm 5'9" and 200 lbs and it was very comfortable. All the parts moved easily and the padding is very comfortable. The bag is very well constructed and a nice bonus. You will not regret getting this chair!