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Strathwood Basics Hardwood Chaise Lounge

Quality of materials: The wood is fine grained and dense, appearing to be all heartwood. It may be lighter than teak, but it seems heavier than most North American hardwoods. Hardware is not stainless or bronze, but appears to be zinc-plated and coated with a lacquer. All user-installed screws and bolts accept an internal hex-head (allen) wrench, which is included.
Finish: Smoothly sanded, no splinters, with an attractive teak oil finish. If you're going to leave it outside, it needs another coat of teak oil right away, in my opinion, to protect the wood.
Packaging: Comes in a long, flat, heavy, banded cardboard box. As the product is made in Vietnam, the padding is typically Asian, i.e., a few extra strips of cardboard are the only protection. One end of the one of the two long pieces of wood was bashed and slightly split, probably because these ends are square, not rounded like most other "at risk" ends. Luckily, these vulnerable pieces are covered by another piece that screws into it, so the damage is not visible in the assembled product. I "Gorilla-glued" the split piece anyway, just because.
Assembly: Is a snap. A "foot-piece," the leg brackets and the wheels are all that need to be screwed on. Everything fit well, and the holes all lined up. An extra allen wrench and two extra screws were in my package. I found that by heaving the carton on a couple of horses and removing it's "lid" (the carton top overlaps the sides, like a shoe-box) I was able to apply teak oil to the underside and assemble the chaise completely without removing it from the box. Pulled it out of the box, fully-assembled, set it down upright on the patio, and oiled the top side. Voila! Oiled and assembled in a jiffy!

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Strathwood Basics Anti-Gravity Adjustable Recliner Chair, Dark Brown with Champagne Frame

It's time to get the Recliner out and go for a third season of use. Without exception this chair looks almost exactly as it looked in 2009 when it arrived. Two seasons of use and it's still like new. After sun, rain and lots of wind I am delighted with the Strathwood.

Do not use this if you have work to do. If you have the slightest bit of sleep in your system and relax in this recliner you are going to go to sleep. I set this up on the deck with the intention of reading a while and then finishing some other tasks related to spring cleanup. Whoops. Some fairy sprinkled sleep dust in my eyes and away I went. Thank goodness our street is populated by a pack of fools driving Harleys who believe they can take the curve out front at 50 MPH in 2nd gear. I don't know about anti-gravity but the recliner-chair is really comfortable.

This recliner is one of those items that far exceed expectations. Having been an ally of old fashioned cheap recliners I was taken aback with the quality and weight of this recliner. It is heavy enough not to get blown away with a breeze or even a strong wind. Unlike the old fashioned cheap ones it will hold with ease those of us who have managed to exceed normal weight limits. You'll have to determine those limits. It holds Blubba and me with ease. Not both of us together. Just one or the other. Maybe both. Later. March 26 update: It is later now and I forgot to include a comment about the included pillow. I was so excited to try out the recliner I forgot to empty the full contents of the packing box. Lo and behold the pillow was there and it sure adds a nice touch to an already nice recliner. Please permit one other comment. The craftsmanship for the recliner is perfect: not rough edges or annoying sharp edges. It's well made. Can't use now: too rainy. Later

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Ostrich Chair CHS1002B Ostrich Folding Chaise Lounge

I've had my "Ostrich" folding blue chaise for about 3 weeks, and used it a half-dozen times. The ability to read while lying face down is GREAT. Turns out, the holes through which to put your arms are every bit as important as the hole in which to place your face. The padding around the latter is very good, and the arm-hole accommodations allow for easy handling of whatever you're reading, whether newspaper, magazine or book.

 I was concerned as to whether I'd actually be able to use this for reading because I wear reading glasses. One does have to scrunch around a bit to find a comfortable position for their eye-glasses. However, I soon discovered that because of the snug (although fully comfortable) fit created by the built-in pads around the face hole -- and thanks to the chaise's arm holes -- one can simply push your glasses on from underneath the chaise, and they'll stay on in a usable fashion in a manner that would not be possible without that snug fit around the face hole. That is, to try to wear the glasses with the two stems actually over ones ears in the usual fashion isn't comfortable. But (at least for me), the glasses are actually just suspended below the face hole, properly close to my eyes...perfectly comfortable and usable. (This is more labored to write than to experience. The important conclusion? You can use this chaise even if you need to wear glasses when reading.)
 So, why 4 stars instead of 5? The chaise is on the short side. I'm a chap of average, 5'10" height, yet while lying on my stomach (with my face centered in the opening provided for same), the bar at the foot of the chaise (this is the piece of tubing that extends around the entire perimeter of the chaise's fabric), does begin to press painfully into the top of my feet. So if my toes are dangling over the edge, it could only be more extreme for someone taller than I (affecting their ankles or shins). Then again, a solution isn't difficult. I simply place a small, rolled-up hand towel along that offending end. The manufacturer's done such a fine job of providing padding around the face opening, it's a shame that similar padding isn't provided along the bottom edge of the chaise. Still, as noted, it's not difficult to offset this discomfort. (And I've found this same complaint with many other types of chaises, too.)
 As for the chaise's strength: I'm no light-weight -- I weigh a solid 210 pounds -- yet the chaise seems to handle my stocky frame without complaint (or, more importantly, without collapse!)
 By the way, I usually disconnect and dispose of the shoulder straps that accompany many items I've purchased (suitcases, valises, computer-totes, etc.) But I've found the carrying strap on this chaise is designed so as not to be in the way while attached, yet it also truly improves the carrying of this device from one location to another.
 Lastly, it has seemed to me that this same item is available through other internet sites...but at higher prices, some ranging (can it be?) for as much as 125% more! (When I ordered it from Amazon it was $59.00) So, all in all, I'm thus far highly pleased with this purchase. But for that unpadded tubing at the far end, it would earn a smashing FIVE STARS from me. (And yes, even now that I know about that latter feature, I'd still recommend it to anyone seeking a chaise designed for reading when lying on ones face.)