Best egg chair 2012

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Lexington Modern Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, Red

1. I love this chair it is perfect in my living room . The color is very rich and the price is great for this type of chair. Also if you have any problems the customer service is fantastic.

2. Received chair today via FedEx. Excellent packaging. Chair was protected very well. It's very solid and well made. I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and the real-deal.
I will say that the stand, although made of a very solid and durable feeling metal, does wobble slightly, as the legs aren't perfectly aligned with the floor. This, however, is fixable by buying some additional felt or something to be placed under the feet. Over all, a pretty amazing knock-off for something that's at least $5,500 LESS than the real thing. It won't sting as much when my kids inevitably spill juice all over it or mark it up with a crayon. Or when grandma comes over and spills her damn coffee all over it. I speak through experience.

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Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair - Black

This is a fake chair. Last time I bought something made in China or the like with substandard quality which does not last it turned out that the manufacturing crap they used gave me hives. No way will I buy a Porsche or a Rolex that is fake so why would I buy this? It is passed off even as an original which is not only misleading but it is false advertising and I think it should be billed as such. Using the original designers name here as if it is the real deal and passing it off with fake wording like "reproduction" is just crap. You should be ashamed trying to cheat people who don't know better. And that is the biggest issue with this kind of thing. Americans don't know better so they lose money to it. NEVER buy fake stuff when you don't know where it comes from and who is trying to trick to you. Offensive in my book. And I guarantee this chair will not last 10 years before it looks, feels and sits like the junk it is...

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Lexington Modern Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair, Red

I have this chair, and I have to say it is great. While the other reviewer is technically correct, this is not a "real" Eero Aarnio ball chair, it also doesn't claim to be. A real Eero Aarnio ball chair costs THOUSANDS of dollars and are essentially museum pieces. This is an affordable replica of the same style, and the quality is such that you aren't really going to be able to tell the difference. If you want a real Eero Aarnio chair, and you have $4000-$6000 lying around, then all means buy one. But if you want something that is the exact same style, basically the exact same thing but at a more reasonable price, then this is perfect. Plus, Lexington Modern offers free shipping, and believe me you are going to need/want that because this thing is heavy and it is HUGE. Make sure you have a wide enough door to get it through. A 32" doorway should be adequate, but not with it fully packed due to the wooden frame the box ships in to protect it. I had trouble getting it through my door, but that was due to the box and not the chair.

If you want to read a really helpful review and get some good information about this chair that isn't someone just complaining that it isn't a several thousand dollar original from 1963, then do what I did and check this site out. (no external links in reviews so it is in my profile) that is the best information I have been able to find about one of these chairs and specifically the Lexington Modern offering.

The only negatives I can give this is that there are times I wish the cushions were a little cushier, but that is a very minor complaint. The other thing is Lexington Modern also sells an Eero Aarnio Alpha Egg Chair replica, and they include a matching ottoman with it. Now the ottoman is the same, plastic shell and the fabric matches both the Alpha Egg Chair and the Ball Chair fabric offerings, but it doesn't look like you chan purchase it separately. I spend a lot of time in my ball chair (writing this from it now) and I really wish I had a matching ottoman to go with it.