Best computer chair 2012

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Boss B8106 Executive Chair, Black

I bought this chair to replace a cheap office chair that I used for 12 years without complaint until it finally broke. I thought I was getting something better this time after reading the favorable reviews. But I really can't stand this chair and I am going to immediately start looking for a replacement.
The chair was easy to assemble, the fit and finish were okay, the fake leather was about as good as you would expect from fake leather, and it looks nicer than my old broken chair. But I absolutely hate this chair.
Complete idiots designed this chair. The seat is angled to pitch you forward, so your rear end is elevated and your thighs slope down, like it was designed as a playground slide.
You can't lean back even a little. You are stuck pitched forward.
The tension adjust thing doesn't seem to do anything. Rotate it all the way clockwise, all the way counter clockwise, it feels just the same.
The seat, which appears in the photo to look well padded, feels like sitting on a concrete block covered with a quarter inch of foam rubber. It is unforgivably badly designed by a sadist.
I might be able to adapt to this bit of junk if there was some way to adjust the angle, but there isn't. You can only adjust the height, and you can play with a so-called tension knob that doesn't seem to do anything useful.
In addition to all these fatal design flaws, there is the annoying slop in the way the seat attaches to the vertical post. It wobbles around several degrees before coming to an abrupt stop, which is disconcerting and give the impression of extremely bad machining and design. You would expect it to feel solid and have increasing resistance up to some point, but in use it just wobbles around freely for a couple of degrees and then has no give after that point. It just feels cheap and worrisome.
I will never buy another office chair online without checking one out in person. If I had sat in this thing in a store for 5 seconds I would have immediately ruled it out as a purchase choice.
Also, remember that this has a 250 LB limit, so I'm guessing this thing will be toast if anyone sits on your lap for a second.
I have just completed my first 90 minutes of sitting in this chair and already my back hurts from sitting pitched forward. I never had that problem with my old cheap generic chair from an office supply chain.

Customer Reviews 
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Leather Office Chair with Nylon Arms

I've been making do with a folding chair for the past couple years, but it was killing my back. This chair was exactly what I needed. It was easy to put together and is very comfortable and sturdy to sit in. My only concern was that, when I put the final piece together, it seemed as though the lift function wasn't working. As soon as I sat in it, to see if I was okay with the height I thought it was going to be stuck at, I discovered that the lift worked after all. I wonder if it needs the weight of a body to activate it? At any rate, although it's only been a few days, I am very happy with this chair and look forward to years of doing work from it.

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Ergonomic Leather Office Executive Chair Computer Hydraulic O4

When I received my chair via UPS and it was a disaster. The box looked like it had sat in a puddle of water for 3 days and the whole chair was wet (inside the plastic wrapping) and there was a cut on the left arm rest. I let is dry out for a couple of days and assembled it, which wasn't difficult at all (and I'm 70 years old) when all is said and done this is the most comfortable chair I've ever used and I am totally happy with the product (after I told the Co. the problem with the left arm rest they sent me a new one within days). I totally recommend buying this chair to anyone, it's very well made and is one of the best buys I've made in a while now.

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High Back Black Computer Desk Leather Ergonomic Office Executive Chair w/Heavy Duty Metal Base O7

The chair is obviously made in a big manufacturing plant, where it is cheaply produced and improperly. There are 22 reviews for this chair where there is a similar model except, the arm rest are metallic instead of the gold, totaling 24. When they make the chairs it is obvious from the container and design there is no Quality department present, since lot numbers are non-existent (no labeling of the chair with company information e.g. inspector number) and people have the same complaints about the arm hole measurements. The bolts going along the base do not match up with the holes in the arms. They are off by a 1/2 inch with no way of securing the base to the arms. Obviously, the company produces these chairs not checking a batch or lot of chairs, to make sure they were properly manufactured. Instead they produce each section individually and ship it out as is, never taking a few chairs for quality testing, sending most likely hundreds of defective chairs. In conclusion the chair for $68.88, is worthless. You can try to fabricate yourself, but when you do the cosmetics will look horrible and its a safety hazard (can't sue if you injure yourself when you did not assemble it the way the instructions direct). Currently contacted the seller and filed a compliant, I hope the company is smart enough to know that defective products are out there and correct the mistake, but since production is in China with no brand name its probably a scam company. My recommendation is go for a brand name at least they should have quality testing at their facilities. My warning is if you order this product, you will probably have a good chance of getting one of these defective chairs, because only the Chinese in the plant could tell you when they caught the machine was drilling the incorrect measurement. Will post how amazon and the company performed with customer service.