Scaling teeth cleaning. Dry steam carpet cleaning.

Scaling Teeth Cleaning

scaling teeth cleaning
    teeth cleaning
  • Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, and periodontal disease.
  • A dentist or dental hygienist removes soft debris, stain, and hard deposits (calculus or tartar) on the teeth that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing. Regular teeth cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist helps prevent periodontal diseases.
  • the act of arranging in a graduated series
  • act of measuring or arranging or adjusting according to a scale
  • Weigh a specified weight
  • ascent by or as if by a ladder
scaling teeth cleaning - Periogen Plaque
Periogen Plaque and Tartar Dissolving Oral Rinse, Powdered Concentrate, 3oz, 45 Day Supply
Periogen Plaque and Tartar Dissolving Oral Rinse, Powdered Concentrate, 3oz, 45 Day Supply
Periogen® works by exploiting a weakness in the fundamental structure of oral tartar. Their patent pending composition and process is exclusive and cannot be found in any other gum disease treatment in the world. All other treatments only address infections below the gum line. Periogen® however, addresses infection by dissolving layer after layer of disease-laden tartar with each application. The number of Periogen® applications necessary to remove all tartar depends directly upon the thickness of deposits. Once tartar is completely removed from teeth below the gum line, natural processes restore gum-tooth connections and close periodontal pockets. This simple and painless process facilitates complete periodontal recovery without the need for painful, expensive, and often ineffective tartar removal procedures. Tartar both above and below the gum line, is comprised primarily of calcium phosphate salts, saliva, debris and other minerals. Visually, the structure of tartar is that of millions of fossilized bacteria bound together in tens of thousands of layers. Up until now, tartar has been universally understood to be inert - so hard that only mechanical scraping with dental instruments could remove it. Living within this porous material are fresh bacteria that cause infection after infection. This tartar-bacteria connection is the true nature of periodontal disease. All the while during this innovative, alternative treatment, new bacteria simply have no place to live - so infections disperse and do not return - completely naturally - without the use of powerful anti-bacterial agents. In fact, Periogen® users can expect relief from the pain, bleeding and soreness of periodontal disease within the first few days of use. gum disease treatment, gum disease cure, plaque remover, plaque and tartar remover, tartar remover, plaque remover, gum disease rinse

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Feline dental care
Feline dental care
Cats need dental care, too! Image If you understand the importance of a regular dental care routine for your cat, you're probably ready to start one now. If you need convincing, or you think just feeding dry food will handle "teeth cleaning," keep on reading. 85% of adult pets have periodontal disease, and that dental disease is the largest single cause of health problems in cats, including the following conditions: • Peridontal Disease • Feline Stomatitis • Feline Odontoclastic Oral Resorption Lesions (FORL) • Malocclusion Here is what all cat owners need to do as a regular dental care routine: Veterinary Dental Exam Your veterinarian will look for plaque and calculus, oral lesions, and signs of gingivitis or stomatitis. If indicated, s/he will clean and scale kitty's teeth. If your cat has shown any sign of dental disease, increase the oral checkups to at least twice yearly. Floss No kidding. Rope-type chew toys claim to provide a flossing action. Brush Brush daily, if possible, and at least twice-weekly. Special cat-sized toothbrushes are available, also one that slips over your index finger. Experts recommend starting early with kittens and a tuna-juice soaked brush. Specially flavored pet toothpastes help make the brushing a "treat" for your cat. Don't try to do the whole mouth the first day, just one tooth will suffice. Once kitty gets used to the idea, you can add more teeth each day. Rinse Other products for cats with especially tender mouths, or who already have dental problems include antiseptic dental gels, rinses, and sprays. Although not a substitute for brushing, rinsing also helps protect and clean teeth on days you can't brush. Chew Several pharmaceutical companies offer dental chews for cats. Flavored with fish or poultry, these chews offer an abrasive texture, which may help remove food debris and plaque from your cat's teeth. With a regular at-home dental maintenance program, combined with veterinary dental examinations, your cat should be assured of sound dental health for life. This is a very good thing, because cats don't wear dentures O Please contact us for a reservation.
Herpetario / Herpetarium Guadalajara Zoo / Zoologico Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico Differences between alligators and crocodiles "While alligators (and caimans) are often confused with crocodiles, they belong to two quite separate taxonomic families. The most obvious external differences are visible in the head—alligators and caimans have wider and shorter heads, and a more U-shaped than V-shaped snout. The alligator's upper jaw is wider than its lower jaw, and the teeth in the lower jaw fit into small depressions in the upper jaw. The upper and lower jaws of the crocodiles are the same width, and teeth in the lower jaw fall along the edge or outside the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. When the crocodile's mouth is closed, the large fourth tooth in the lower jaw fits into a constriction in the upper jaw. For hard-to-distinguish specimens, the protruding tooth is the most reliable feature to define a species.[13] However, in captivity, alligators and caimans may show jaw deformities which result in lower teeth protruding. Alligators lack the jagged fringe which appears on the hind legs and feet of the crocodile and have the toes of the hind feet webbed, not more than halfway to the tips. Alligators strongly prefer freshwater, while crocodiles can better tolerate seawater due to specialized glands for filtering out salt. However, both taxa can survive in either. Both species of alligator also tend to be darker in color than crocodiles—often nearly black—but color is very dependent on water quality. Algae-laden waters produce greener skin, while tannic acid from overhanging trees can produce often darker skin. When cleaning alligator pools, some zookeepers can tread on alligators without eliciting a response, though crocodiles almost invariably react aggressively and are for the most part more aggressive in their natural habitat." wikipedia DSCN0076

scaling teeth cleaning
scaling teeth cleaning
GUM Oral Care Cleaning Kits (Pack of 6)
832. Step 3: Custom Care. Helps remove stains! High intensity lighted mirror (batteries not included). Scaler - Removes stains, plaque & tartar. Explorer - Removes food particles. Anti-Fog Mirror. High intensity lighted mirror illuminates teeth fore superior cleaning. Professional quality stainless steel instruments. Comfort grip handle for better control. Helps fight gingivitis. Scaler - Helps remove stains, tarter and plaque on tooth surface. Hold Scaler so top of the curve is flat against tooth surface. Start at the gumline, and gently pull the Scaler away from the gumline to begin cleaning. Repeat on all tooth surfaces. Explorer - Dislodges food from between teeth and at the gumline. Simply screw Explorer tip onto the comfort grip handle. Very gently use the tip to tease the food particles loose. The Lighted Mirror - Features an ultra bright white LED that creates a spotlight effect to illuminate teeth. Use three 1.5V batteries - 394 or equivalent (included). 3-Step System to Healthier Gums: Step 1 - Brushing alone is not enough because it only removes up to 50% of plaque. Step 2 - Brushing and flossing only remove up to 70% of plaque. Step 3 - For optimal gum health, brush, floss, schedule regular dental visits and consult your dental professional to customize your oral care routine. Made in China.

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