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make clean all
    make clean
  • clean: make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"
make clean all - Wipe Clean
Wipe Clean A B C - Easel Book (Carry Me)
Wipe Clean A B C - Easel Book (Carry Me)
Innovative new Carry Me Easel Book encourages children to practice writing letters and first words.
The Wipe-Clean A B C book is innovative that focuses on first words and the letters of the alphabet. The easel is simple to put up and provides children with chunky wipe-clean pages on which to practice and trace each letter of the alphabet and some simple words. Dotted rules give clear guides to encourage children to practice their handwriting. Bright and lively design, along with beautiful photography will also engage and stimulate children while they learn.
A wipe-clean pen and a carry-me handle are attached to the wire-o at the top of the book. The sturdy handle will allow children to carry the easel with them wherever they go!

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no more ana -coming clean-
no more ana   -coming clean-
Levity. The levity with which she chooses the unreasonable, carries within itself the key to what she has not got to offer. Strolls are mere wanderings in a mind that bears no resemblance to the body that withholds it. And that is why, randomly analysed, single instances of her life make its infinitum a circular ending. “I seldom believe, often disprove Why don’t you challenge me, all-answers deity?” Struck by sudden remembrances in the limbo of forgetful uncertainty, she knew she had it, somewhere. It then spurred into being with no foreseeable outcome. Simply began, unruly and inert, but gaining selfullness on its shiny skin, gleaming to the light shed. The body that was hers. The one she could not reach. Unattached, airy. Not violated by those who would. She gives with the hope of gaining back…that ain’t no generosity But she is lost and trying to piece herself back into an agreeable shape: a shape that won’t scream What she had dreamt of: devoid of all extra, her empty core could be scrutinized by the inquiring pierce of estraneity. Shedding her bodily form seemed answer to aggression, it masked disappearance. Edgy whirlings Play with the words Sketches of smiles And rustle of reminiscence. Always remember that septic itches scratch the surface while mineral moulds inlay the crevices. Decaying has never been immaculate. Callings unanswered to the vice; she thinks she can be stronger than this. CYRENE: reckon you might hold it back, as it strucks me as the most useless decaying ever seen… HER: seems you yourself might be holding back more than you can withhold and unvoided clusters prevent your understanding. as it seems, nothing has ever been clear nor sheer to none but me. and no other way I could have ever had it
Make: D50 Holga Hack 02
Make: D50 Holga Hack 02
This is the body cap from the D50 with the hole cut in it. I used a roto-zip style bit on my dremel to cut it close to the marked hole size I drew inside the cap with the compass. Add another circle just outside your cut circle to help guide any grinding down you need to do, because once your cut circle is gone you'll need something to help make sure you're staying circular. Be careful here, you want the Airborne slice to be snug, but not hard to move, but not loose. Switch to a drum sanding bit on your Dremel for final sanding. Careful careful. The Holga lens can sometimes just twist off. You're going to kill the camera anyway. So there's no reason to be ginger here. As I mention in the note, the knurl is cut off...I used the fine plastic saw for this, then cleaned up with the dremel. I also glued that center section in. It can come out pretty easily. Then the lens falls out and all that.

make clean all
make clean all
Trace and Learn Wipe Clean: ABC
Wipe Clean ABC is a fun and easy-to-use, activity pack that develops children's recognition of all the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represent in simple words. The pack includes a wipe-clean board book, 26 letter practice cards, more than 60 reusable stickers, and a felt-tip pen and sponge. Simple instructions help children to learn the sound of each letter, trace its shape, and start to write. Throughout the book there are picture stickers to find and a gold star reward sticker for completing each spread.

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