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Cleaning Wood Surfaces

cleaning wood surfaces
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cleaning wood surfaces - Surfaces :
Surfaces : Visual Research for Artists, Architects, and Designers (MacIntosh compatible)
Surfaces : Visual Research for Artists, Architects, and Designers (MacIntosh compatible)
Looking for images of architectural materials?
Surfaces offers over 1,200 outstanding, vibrantly colorful visual images of surface textures--wood, stone, marble, brick, plaster, stucco, aggregates, metal, tile, and glass--ready to be used in your designs, presentations, or comps, as backgrounds or for general visual information.

Photographed by a designer for designers, these pictures show specific materials and how they change with time, weather, wear, and different lighting. Each section offers general views of the material, a gallery of commonly used or manufactured samples, and hundreds of specimens showing types and finishes in architectural settings. Captions provide information about the physical properties, dimensions, construction techniques, specific varieties of the material, and types and styles of treatments.

Interviews with eight design professionals provide practical advice on how they approach visual research, and a comprehensive glossary of visual and technical terms offers a vocabulary for professional communication. An index of subject matter and materials makes it easy to find just the image you need.
1000 color illustrations

83% (13)
Elevated Cat Feeder, Reclaimed Wood, Stainless Bowls
Elevated Cat Feeder, Reclaimed Wood, Stainless Bowls
If you want your cat to eat in comfort, the best option is to buy an elevated cat feeder. Standard cat bowls, like the one you might have, are low on the ground. As your cat licks the food and water, it tends to spill. The cat has to arch down to reach the food. Older cats or a cat suffering from any kind of bone problems do find it difficult to feed from bowls resting on the floor. With an elevated cat feeder, a cat can now reach his or her food and water without having to strain. These raised cat feeders I make from eco-friendly material and are very healthy, too. I use recycled wood, quality washable finishes in any color you like, and the very best extra thick rustproof stainless steel bowls. The bowls fit the table perfectly, will not slide around, yet are very easy to remove for cleaning of the feeder surface and bowls. Each cat feeder will come with non-skid pads on the feet, and since I build to be as sustainable as possible, I package with clean reused cardboard packaging. As a cat owner you will find satisfaction that your cat is eating in a comfortable manner. I hope you will give my cat feeders a try, and find they are made with the quality you would expect from handmade goods.
Female figure, Dogon peoples, Mali, Late 19th to early 20th century, Wood
Female figure, Dogon peoples, Mali, Late 19th to early 20th century, Wood
One of a distinctive stylistic group of about a dozen sculptures, this figure gives an impression of size and presence. The pose, with arms separated from her sides and hands in front of pelvis, is a symbol of pregnancy, as is the hairstyle. The long lip plug would have been a millet stalk. Although there is no collection data for this carving, a nearly identical figure has been identified as a display piece brought out for a man's funeral. Another was associated with a shrine to women who died in childbirth and was thought to help restore fertility to supplicants. The frequent cleaning and oiling from these uses give these figures a very different surface from those Dogon objects that receive sacrificial libations.

cleaning wood surfaces
cleaning wood surfaces
Architectural Surfaces: Details for Artists, Architects, And Designers
The latest addition to the acclaimed Surfaces series catalogs hundreds of different architectural elements and materials.
This new collection contains over 1,400 high-quality color photographs capturing a range of details and surfaces, organized by architectural elements: walls, facades, windows, doorways, ceilings, roofs, floors, pavements, columns, and arches. Architectural Surfaces provides a wealth of source material to meet the research needs of architects and interior designers, artists, scenic designers, and graphic designers. CD-ROM included: screen resolution scans in easy-to-use JPEG format for Mac and PC. 1600 color photos

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