Clean The Dust

clean the dust
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  • debris: the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up
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clean the dust - VisibleDust 22912051
VisibleDust 22912051 Visible Dust Sensor Clean 15ML
VisibleDust 22912051 Visible Dust Sensor Clean 15ML
Sensor Clean has many characteristics that make it an excellent choice for cleaning your sensor. While it is best used on water based stains and light dust contamination, it also provides excellent dust repellent properties and anti-fogging capabilities. Sensor Clean works best with VisibleDust Green Series Swabs. VisibleDust liquid cleaners ( Sensor Clean, VDust Plus and Smear Away) when used with VisibleDust Sensor Cleaning swabs are safe and effective on ALL DSLRs including: Newer Canon DSLRs, such as the 400D, 40D, 1D MKIII, and 1Ds MKIII, Newer Nikon D300 and D3 and Alpha Sony 700

75% (11)
After cleaning
After cleaning
Not perfect, but much much better. This photo is of a piece of paper taken at full zoom and F10. There are still some faint marks -- those must be inside the lens as the sensor was dust free when I put it back in the camera. Also, I notice the marks that are here were there on my first (pre cleaning) test shot. No worries, this is an extreme test and in normal usage, even on bright days outdoors, none of this should show up at all. It's the big ugly hairs that are the worst, and those are gone. Woohoo!
dust test -after cleaning
dust test -after cleaning
Still some dust on there, but not so bad. I used the same curve as in the before picture to exaggerate the dust. This is an out of focus shot of my lcd screen. The darkness on the left edge is probably because of the way I was holding the camera or variation in the lcd brightness exaggerated by the curve. before I did the curve, it just looked all white. I curved it heavily.

clean the dust
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