Bike seat pole : Baby strollers with car seats.

Bike Seat Pole

bike seat pole
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Simple cordlock parking brake. A must have! My first was a small loop and was very handy, but I would just let if flop around loose when not in use and lost it while transporting the bike. This new one has an extra length securing it to the handlbars so I'll never be without it. Why is it a must have? Because of the extra length of the longbike (big dummy in this case) it is difficult to be at the cargo area and hold the handlebars and brake lever at the same time. With the brake locked out I can load and unload the rear cargo area without worrying about the front wheel rolling which allows the center of balance to shift and causes the bike to flop over. I generally load the bike next to a tree, pole, or wall, so the bike is kept upright between myself and the support and kept from going anywhere else by the brake. I think it is much more convenient than a centerstand and unquestionably lighter and cheaper. Probably not quite as helpful when securing major loads but it allows me to load and offload the kids quite handily. Also, even unloaded it allows me to park the bike upright with peace of mind and not have to worry about a precarious balance being the only obstacle to my beloved bike falling over and being damaged.
Telegraphen troops et al
Telegraphen troops et al
Nothing on reverse. An interesting array of characters in this one. The bowler hat wearing radfahrer on the left belongs to a Garde regiment, as does the seated NCO in the centre. The other fellows are a mix of civilians and soldiers from a Telegraphen-Bataillon. The little fellow on the ground possibly belongs to one of the civilians.

bike seat pole
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