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Early Skin Cancer Pictures

    skin cancer
  • a malignant neoplasm of the skin
  • Skin neoplasms are growths on the skin which can have many causes. The three most common skin cancers are basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, and melanoma, each of which is named after the type of skin cell from which it arises.
  • Skin cancer occurs when skin cells start growing abnormally, causing cancerous growths. Most skin cancers develop on the visible outer layer of the skin (the epidermis), particularly in sun-exposed areas (face, head, hands, arms, and legs).
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  • A portrait
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  • A photograph
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early skin cancer pictures

v had her first bad day this week...
v had her first bad day this week...
v had her first bad day since coming home from the hospital... here's how v put it: As the day progressed I got more and more puffy on the sides of my torso @ boob height - where a bra goes around. Today was my worst day so far :( Think easy-to-fix and healthy thoughts for me last night v even had a slight fever... so we were a bit worried and scheduled an early morning appointment with her surgeon... that's when v described it to me and the doc as the feeling she had when she was engorged back when she was breast feeding the kids... she said she felt all bloated up like the stay puft marshmallow man... the doc was very reassuring... she said the feeling was typical... and that the puff of skin on her sides is caused by the surgery and the implants... nothing to worry about... and the puff will be greatly reduced when the permanent implants are inserted in a few months... she saw no signs of infection and felt that the wounds looked great... she'll even meet us at her office this weekend to remove the drain on the right side if we page her... she is a nice doc... no doubt... well... poor v... she feels better about the bloating... and she switched from the bra to a camisole which is much more comfortable... but she still feels like a cross between the michelin man and the stay puft marshmallow man... so she does love the picture... :-) Tom
SCC hand 1
SCC hand 1
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the hand. Recurrent scabbing of the lesion noted on and off over the past few years. Early detection can save lives as well as avoid complex surgical operations.

early skin cancer pictures