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Tenba Camera Bags

tenba camera bags
    camera bags
  • (Camera bag) an adaptation of bags used to carry photographic equipment. Todays camera bags are rectangular with many additional zippered outside compartments.
  • A Youma that resembles a winged dog. Lady Risai of Tai has one called Hien.
tenba camera bags - Tenba 638-344
Tenba 638-344 Messenger Camera Bag (Burnt Orange)
Tenba 638-344 Messenger Camera Bag (Burnt Orange)
The Tenba Messenger Camera Bag is classic, fast-moving, and body hugging—a design preferred by the world’s best photojournalists for years. Lightweight yet protective, everything within fast, easy each. Customizable interior, loads of accessory pockets, and exclusive, innovative features geared to the real-world needs of the working pro. A bag that works hard, but doesn’t call attention to itself. Incredibly tough, 1000 Denier, military-grade nylon exterior is weather- and abrasion-resistant, yet lightweight. The best hardware money can buy. Genuine YKK® zippers, Duraflex® clips and adjusters—everything selected for toughness and long-term reliability. Quick Access zipper lets you grab contents without having to open the top flap. “Silent mode” flap covers velcro closure for working in quiet shooting environments. Side-zip compartment on cargo pocket for quick access to phone or other slim items. Rear trolley strap slides over rolling luggage handle for secure “piggyback” travel. Rubberized bottom protects against abrasion, dirt and moisture. Huge cargo pockets with oversized weather flaps, perfect for stashing extra lens or flash while shooting. Thickly cushioned, articulated pad conforms to the shoulder—non-slip surface keeps it there. Exclusive TriAngle™ strap ring has clip points for both shoulder and hand strap. Independent hand-carry strap can be used whether bag is open or closed.

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Pile of Crumplers
Pile of Crumplers
One can never have too many camera bags. Sort-of counter-clockwise from top: Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home Giant camera bag that contains all my lenses, currently holding 4 lenses, a 430Ex flash, and assorted filters and lens hoods. Also referred to as "the big bag of lenses." LowePro size 2 lens case Holds tall, narrow zoom lenses. My 18-135mm lens fits in this, my 100-400mm most definitely does NOT (nor would any other 77mm lens.) Tenba Camera Insert Dividers not included, this is a nice 3-section insert that I use in my messenger bags to hold the dSLR with attached lens, plus 2 lenses or 1 lens and the 430Ex flash Camaroo Compact 2 Camera Insert The "new" style of the Camaroo Compact insert, this one has a lid, and thus doesn't work in my messenger bags. But the lid makes it very nice for storing 2 lenses on a shelf when not in use. LowePro size 1W lens case Short, wide, hard lens case for my wide-angle and ultra-wide lenses Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home (new style) I prefer the original MDH design, but this still works for holding the dSLR with lens attached, plus wallet, keys, and compact grocery bag when needed Domke single insert Stretches to sort of hold the 100-400mm lens with tripod ring attached, handy for putting a single lens insert in a messenger bag Domke Lens wrap Useful for packing a lens into something else LowePro size 1 lens case Itty bitty hard lens case, this one holds the 18-55mm lens with 500D Close-up attachement Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home, Limited Edition My favorite camera bag, because it's PURPLE! Holds the dSLR with attached lens, plus one lens or the flash, or wallet, keys, and a little room to spare. My favorite bag for going out and about in the city with just the camera Crumpler 3 Million Dollar Home A very basic bag for packing a small dSLR (my Rebel XTi fits, the new 60D does not) with attached lens, plus spare memory cards and a battery Crumpler Thirsty Al pouch Size unknown, for coralling camera bits before they get lost in the depths of a larger bag Zing soft lens pouches 3 sizes, I love these for extra padding when tucking a lens into my messenger bag Crumpler Thirsty Al pouches More handy little pouches Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home Still my favorite camera bag, this time in basic black for a little extra discretion (if you don't count the RIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! of opening the velcro) LowePro size 3 Lens caseGreat big hard lens case, this one fits the 100-400mm lens, although I seem to recall the tripod ring has to be removed first Canon Lens case The "official" case for the 100-400mm lens, fits the lens with tripod ring attached, and the hood if it's reversed on the lens. Has a handy shoulder strap too. Camaroo Compact Camera Insert The insert most often used with my messenger bags, this hold the dSLR with lens attached, plus one other lens. Put this insert into a Timbuk2 X-tra Small Messenger, and there's just enough room down the outside to tuck an external flash Crumpler The Bundle Compact camera bag that is also the perfect size for carrying one wide or ultra-wide lens over my shoulder. Lensbaby Composer Case Official hard case for the LensBaby composer, useful when tossing the lens in a larger non-camera bag Not pictured: Cameroo DSLR insert A 3-section version of the inserts pictured, it fits perfectly in the center console of my truck, turning the console into stealth camera and lens storage for road trips.
Strobist Backpack
Strobist Backpack
A quick shot of my current off-camera flash friendly camera bag setup. This is a big step up from my previous bag, which was essentially a large gym bag with everything tossed in. The bag is a medium size Tenba Shootout. I currently have only three lenses, so it holds everything I need right now. With a bit more creativity and planning it could probably fit a lot more. The big advantage of this for me is that I can (and have) transport my gear by motorcycle now, something I would never have tried before.

tenba camera bags
tenba camera bags
Tenba Black Label 638-445 Large Shoulder Bag (Black)
Capacity: 2 D/SLR bodies, 4-6 lenses, flash and accessories *Actual capacity varies with specific equipment/manufacturer and divider. The Large shoulder bag has space for 2 SLR bodies, 4-6 lenses, flash and accessories. It is a great bag for those times when you need your complete camera system with you.Black Label is a collection of camera bags with exquisite tailoring details, including double-needle pleats, sculpted curves and massively yet meticulously reinforced stress points. But the beauty is far from skin deep. Black Label bags draw on Tenba’s 30-year reputation as the ultimate professional bag, with rugged durability, working pro design, and serious practicality. And while they honor the heritage of those decades of leadership, Black Label bags are crafted, from the first stitch to the last, for today’s image makers.

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