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cardiff camera shops
  • The capital of Wales, a seaport on the Bristol Channel, in the southern part of the country; pop. 272,600
  • the capital and largest city of Wales
  • The Cardiff district was one of the two local government districts of South Glamorgan in Wales from 1974 to 1996.
  • HM Prison Cardiff is a Category B men's prison, located in the Adamsdown area of Cardiff, Wales. The prison is operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service.
  • A chamber or round building
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cardiff camera shops - Element Cardiff
Element Cardiff Juniors Cropped Sweatpants - Charcoal (X-Large)
Element Cardiff Juniors Cropped Sweatpants - Charcoal (X-Large)
Oh so comfortable and nonchalantly stylish, the Cardiff cropped sweatpants want to be your new best friend. Featuring rough-hewn accents on the front and back pockets with a drawstring waist, elastic cuffs and a small brand logo embroidered on the left hip, they make it hard to say no.
60% Cotton/40% Polyester
Element cropped sweatpants
Model is 5'7" and measures 34-26-35
Model shown is wearing size S
Element embroidery
Rough-hewn seams
Two front & two back pockets
Drawstring waist
Elastic cuffs & waist

75% (10)
Cardiff Photomarathon 2009
Cardiff Photomarathon 2009
Cardiff Photomarathon 2009: 12 consecutive frames (35mm) on 12 subjects over 12 hours. So I went to pick up my negs yesterday and view all the entries (something like 4000 photos in all). Some really good stuff on display. Very interesting to see how different people interpreted the themes and see some of the wacky stuff people came up with (one of my favorites was a full 12 frames centered around cherry tomatoes, hehe). I'm semi happy with my entry...unfortunately they didn't print my frame 2 even though it's on the neg; it overlapped into frame 3 and I guess the automatic machine scan didn't pick it up. So I ended up with a black frame on my contact sheet. Still a good day though, and good to see that so many people are still shooting film (even if only for 1 day a year). The themes were: My entry number/Colourful: I had the idea of doing a triple exposure on a clean white wall of Alex holding up numbers in different colour jumpers (RGB to tie in with each film layer sensitivity). It came out alright...the colours aren't very visible due to the white background coming through and multiples on the ME Super aren't very controlable; the frame moved three times and ultimately cocked up the spacing on the next two frames which meant frame 2 didn't print. Contained: You can actually see the edge of the book shelf in the right hand of frame 1. Took us a while to set up this one; arranged books into colours and I actually shot this portrait so we arranged all the books so they wouldn't look like they were floating etc. when the photo was displayed in landscape format. Roll with it: No hander along Iron Street! Could've done with a bit longer exposure than 1/8th prehaps. Books intruding into left of frame :( Chip: We were going to go with some mint choc-chip ice cream (basically an excuse to get ice cream) but went for chipped nail polish instead...can't see the chip too well though. Age: Got a bit stuck with this one...we were looking for a cut down tree where you could properly see all the age circles but got fed up looking and settled on this one. Crunch: Wanted someone bailing hard on this midi-ramp...unfortunately (for us anyway) this was the hardest anyone 'crunched' in 30 minutes of standing there. Black and White: Woman in traditional Breton dress. After spotting who we though were traditional Welsh errm..people, and plucking up the courage to ask if I could take a photo I was answered by a nice lady who could only speak French...I managed to recall enough French vocab to get a photo though in the end. Shame I didn't get the focus bang on :( Social Network: Again got stuck on this. We were getting hungry so settled on this scene outside a pub...which I actually quite like though 5 mins later we could have got a great shot of about 30 Welsh rugby fans outside another pub. Damn, that's the nature of Photomaraton though eh? Spliiage: Alex scouted out a load of Seagulls going proper at a pile of bin bags. Unfortunately when I got there the bin men had collected the bags. I found this bird attacking anouther pile of rubbish...not as good though. Missing: After looking for an empty Woolworths; now missing from the British high street (and not realising there's one 30 seconds from my house); we started looking for shop fronts with missing letters. Queue this one. Dress to impress: We were really hungry by this point... Winner: After getting kicked out the first arcade for their 'no camera policy' I sneaked into a second one and fired this shot off as quick as I could before I got into trouble. So there we go...12 shots, 12 themes, 12 hours. Also...holy crap I wrote a lot there and didn't even realise.
Me and Tasha went to cardiff shopping, we were on a really comfy train and there was like nobody on it so we took up a load of seats and decided to text each other as you do :)

cardiff camera shops
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