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red camera hire london
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Red minibuses in Mong Kok
Red minibuses in Mong Kok
I was on a mission to find a money cat and, as the weather was pleasant (sun shining, humidy about 80% and below 30?) I took my camera and walked to Mong Kok. Mong Kok is chaotic, noisy and vibrant area and according to the Guiness Book of Records, Mong Kok has the highest population density in the world - 130,000 per km? or 340,000 per mi?. It's busy at all times. These photos were taken at about 2pm on a Monday afternoon. At the weekends it's a bit like Oxford Street (London) just before Christmas. The pavements (sidewalks) are so packed you can hardly get anywhere. Red minibus drivers are the cowboys of the public transport system. Apparently, the driver hires a bus for the day and plies it up and down the approximate route. Passengers can get on and off wherever they want on their journey and the fare charging is sometimes random. The more passengers a driver carries, the more money he makes at the end of the day. There is an incentive to as fast as possible. Red minibuses are a bit scary for the average gweilo owing to the somewhat arbitary nature of the service. I travel on the Sai Kung to Mong Kok route (fixed fare so it's easy) and it is indeed terrifying. I took these pictures standing on the footbridge on Mong Kok Road overlooking Tung Choi Street (aka Goldfish Street).
14387 & 14381 on private hire
14387 & 14381 on private hire
These two buses were ex London Transport L class Leyland Olympians with ECW bodywork, some of the last bodies built before ECW's Lowestoft factory was closed and body production moved to Workington as a 'Leyland' body. These buses joined Stagecoach group when they acquired Selkent Buses and they moved to Midland Red South after single door conversion to help standardise the motley double deck fleet acquired in Western Travel ownership. I drove both of these examples on regular schools work and when this picture was taken, we had been undertaking a 9 vehicle private working to transport children from Harris School in Rugby to Coventry Cathedral for a special anniversary service. I had covered the route in 14387 which is nearest the camera and was the lead bus. It was registered service 926 and was registered to operate for one day only.

red camera hire london
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