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Igo8 Speed Camera Database

igo8 speed camera database
    speed camera
  • (Speed cameras) A traffic enforcement camera (also road safety camera, road rule camera, photo radar, speed camera, Gatso) is a system, including a camera which may be mounted beside on over a highway or installed in an enforcement vehicle to detect traffic regulation violations, including
  • Speed limit enforcement is the action taken by appropriately empowered authorities to check that road vehicles are complying with the speed limit in force on roads and highways.
  • (Speed Cameras) This layer includes Traffic Calming Speed Camera locations within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and Surrounding Area.
  • A structured set of data held in a computer, esp. one that is accessible in various ways
  • A database consists of an organized collection of data for one or more uses, typically in digital form. One way of classifying databases involves the type of their contents, for example: bibliographic, document-text, statistical.
  • Database is an online open access scientific journal that publishes peer-reviewed research for the presentation of novel ideas in database research and biocuration.
  • an organized body of related information

Here it comes, ATM
Here it comes, ATM
Cutting between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, the M1 Motorway seen from Selston, Notts, as it snakes it way northwards towards Junction 28 (Mansfield). The view shows the advanced state of the re-construction of the Motorway from 6 to 8 lanes, currently taking place between Junctions 25 to 28. Given the increased road space, I'm a little alarmed by the inclusion of so many closely spaced overhead ganteries, which is likely to mean yet another dreaded: 'Active Traffic Management' system and even more speed cameras on our motoways, all very similar to those used on the M42 since 12th September 2006? The works are scheduled for completion in Autumn 2010. Photo: 2nd November 2009.
look away pixie land
look away pixie land
as i have got a new camera i decided to let the two million pixies in my old camera go free,here is a rare shot of the last one leaving the door. some run for the woods but succumed to pixiematosis. most though start a new life inside roadside speed cameras,where they spend their days listening to music on their lo-pods,drinking umbongo and eating sugar sandwiches. so if you are ever driving by their new homes give them the pixie wave,(wiggle your pinkie finger at them ) oh, and say cheese! go free my little friends

igo8 speed camera database
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