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Best Camera Strap Review

best camera strap review
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best camera strap review - Hadley-Roma Men's
Hadley-Roma Men's MSM906RA-220 22-mm Black Genuine Leather Watch Strap
Hadley-Roma Men's MSM906RA-220 22-mm Black Genuine Leather Watch Strap
A refined dash of black leather luxury, the Hadley-Roma Men's 22-mm Black Genuine Leather Watch Strap can breathe new life into an older timepiece. This replacement band is made of black patent leather with a water-resistant lining and boasts a medium pad and white stitching, which stands out against the black leather. The strap is 22mm wide and men's standard length. The tang-style buckle is constructed of hypo-allergenic stainless steel. Whether you need to swap out a band today or you just want to have it on hand, this replacement strap is a solid buy.

88% (11)
Iao Valley Stream
Iao Valley Stream
Taken along a stream in the Iao Valley State Park, Maui. How I got this shot: First, this was the best of multiple attempts of capturing this scene, which is one of the many benefits of shooting digital. That allowed me to try a few different settings and review the results until I got one that I was really happy with. In order to capture the "cotton candy" feel of rushing water in this fashion, it's all about using a slow shutter speed. So, for starters, I put my Canon Rebel XSi into Tv mode, also known as Shutter Priority mode. This mode lets you choose the shutter speed (in fractions of a second of full seconds) and the camera takes care of choosing the aperture setting based on the light in the scene you're shooting. Again, since I was playing around with different settings, I tested everything from 1/2 second to about 4 seconds. This particular shot was done with a shutter speed of 1.3 seconds, which in Tv mode and the widest focal length of my kit lens (18mm) put the aperture at f/16.0. There are other techniques for controlling the light in these exposures as well. The next one I considered was the ISO speed. The lower the ISO speed, the less sensitive your sensor will be to light. I went with the lowest setting I have on my camera, which is ISO 100. The also has the benefit of reducing noise levels that higher ISO levels would have added. If you do experiment with higher ISO settings, you'll notice that you can shoot at much faster shutter speeds than over 1 sec. I ended up shooting this image in RAW mode, so I didn't dwell too much on the white balance setting that I chose for this (Adobe Camera Raw lets me switch and preview all the other WB settings for my camera later on). One of the benefits I had when setting up for this shot was that we were under a decent tree canopy over the stream. That, and the overcast skies typical of the West Maui valley we were in helped offer the soft lighting I had for this shot, and made a WB selection of Cloudy (6500K) a quick and easy choice. In these scenes, you will often have better luck in cloudy conditions or heavily shaded areas. This is just another way to help give you the proper lighting and let you drag the shutter longer than in much brighter light. Another thing to consider with longer exposures is a tripod and either a timer or a cable release/remote control for triggering the shutter. Since this was sort of an impromptu hike, I didn't have my tripod with me, but I was able to improvise. My tripod stand-in for this shot was one of the large rocks like the one you see in the foreground of the shot. This is where that standard camera strap for larger DSLR cameras come in handy, because even though I didn't want to be touching the camera during the exposure, I had my hand in the loop of the strap so I could snatch up my camera should it decide to go for a fall. For the "hands free" operation, I did have my wireless remote control for my Rebel XSi, but the problem here was that the sensor for the remote is on the front of the camera body. Never fear though, since I just switched my shutter mode to the 2-sec delay setting, which let me press the shutter and let the camera be while the shutter was open. Shooting hands free during these types of exposures reduces the amount of camera shake or movement that would otherwise reduce the sharpness of your final image. The last tip I wanted to mention here was how my camera's Live Mode came in handy. Although my Canon doesn't offer a reliable auto-focus feature in Live Mode (that or I don't trust it), it was still of use for framing my shot because I had the camera out a ways on the rock. What I did was set the Auto Focus priority point to an area that was going to be off center to the lower left (the final image was cropped, so it looks like it was focus just on the bottom). With my AF point set, I used Live Mode to line up the foreground of the shot as I balanced the camera on the rock. When I was happy enough with the composition, I turned off Live Mode and pressed the shutter. The Auto Focus and the AF priority point took it from there. Well, I think that just about touches on all the points I was thinking of at the time. I'm sure there are other pointers, so feel free to leave a few of your own if you like. All told, I probably shot about 3 or 4 of these before I got the exposure levels where I wanted them, and then maybe 5 or 6 from different rocks and compositions. I was lucky in that the lighting conditions were about as close to ideal as they could have been, so I didn't need to spend a ton of time on getting this shot. Maybe 15 minutes, tops. As far as post-production goes, I already hinted that this was a RAW image and that I use Adobe Camera Raw for processing. Since I took care in getting the look I wanted in camera, there was very little I decided to tweak in post. I just mentioned this is a cropped version, so I removed a little of the top and right
Overall, Deborah is happy.
Overall, Deborah is happy.
Lol, my proposed new camera strap. Pretty sweet. And for the record, I think this is a good case in point that not all shopping should be done on the internet. 2 years ago, before I got the DSC-T70, I was looking at Nikon or Canon's point & shoots. I had wandered into a few camera shops to try stuff out, and I would ask about specs and everything like that. So I was considering getting a CoolPix and told him that a good macro would be really nice. So then the salesman pointed out that this Sony (which had never really entered my shortlist) had fantastic macro where you could get a clear image even a few cms away. I tried it out and it seemed to get better and better. So I got that camera and I'm sooo glad I didn't just pay attention to specs that I thought mattered, and actually just tried them out to see which one felt the best, I guess. So, thanks sales guy for selling me on Sony point & shoots. :) And thank you place of employment, for giving me a bonus so that I could actually afford to buy this camera. ^_^

best camera strap review
best camera strap review
Timex Men's T2N654KW Weekender Blue and Gray Slip Through Strap Watch
Timex Weekender Slip Through Blue With Gray - Timex T2N654.

The Timex Men's Weekender Blue and Gray Slip Through Strap Watch offers casual, yet fashionable styling for the relaxed lifestyle. The blue slip through strap with gray stripe makes this an ideal accessory for any wardrobe. The 24 hour time and Indiglo night-light make this timepiece truly unique. The dial is protected by a mineral crystal, which covers the luminous hands powered by analog quartz movement. A relaxed style featuring the Timex tradition of quality craftsmanship, this watch is the everyday timepiece you have been waiting for.

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