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High Megapixel Camera Phone

high megapixel camera phone
    megapixel camera
  • Megapixel Cameras are IP (or Network) based cameras built around Megapixel technology. These cameras produce large, hi-resolution images. The quality of a Megapixel image is usually very high and can be used for print applications.
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high megapixel camera phone - Grandstream GXV3611_HD
Grandstream GXV3611_HD Fixed Dome High Definition IP Camera
Grandstream GXV3611_HD Fixed Dome High Definition IP Camera
Grandstream's GXV3611 indoor fixed dome IP cameras provide an unobtrusive indoor solution that can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings for maximum surveillance protection. Ideal for advanced surveillance requiring razor sharp image clarity and archived video used for investigative purposes, Grandstream's GXV3611_HD camera includes a 2-Megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor and advanced lens while delivering multi-rate H.264 real-time video streaming with a maximum resolution of 1,600 x 900 and at frame rate of up to 25fps. Using GSurf, Grandstream's free video management software, businesses can monitor and control up to 36 cameras simultaneously. Retail stores, restaurants, campuses, casinos, apartment buildings and business offices looking for a cost-effective, open standard surveillance solution can easily implement these two new indoor cameras for 24x7 security protection of people and assets. With SIP/VoIP support, business owners can also stream all monitoring activity to a mobile or video phone, from anywhere in the world, using the GXV3611's 2-way audio and video streaming capability. » Integrated microphone, speaker and smoke detector for maximum and out-of-the-box video + audio + smoke monitoring using industry standard SIP & VoIP technology » Motion Detection and Alert Notification » Integrated Power-over-Ethernet (802.3af) » 24MB pre-/post-event recording buffer » Easy installation and management using Grandstream's web-based graphical user interface Features & Benefits ?Support sensor alarm input and relay output ?Support 24MB pre-/post-event recording buffer ?Support motion detection and alert notification ?Built-in high performance streaming server to allow up to 16 simultaneous D1 viewers or 25 CIF viewers ?Combine with GSurf software to support remote viewing, controlling and recording of up to 36 cameras from anywhere on the Internet or corporate network.

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New Camera, WOOT~!!!
New Camera, WOOT~!!!
oh man. this is the last shitty ass <1 megapixel distorted camera phone picture you're ever gonna see on my flickr page. it's about damn time. this thing's never gonna leave my bag. the camera is a Fujifilm FinePix F31fd. it's only 6.3mp but it has a unique photo sensor that's larger and shaped differently than other cameras. this means that while i won't be able to blow my pictures up super big, my pictures will be much clearer than average cameras and it preforms much better in low light situations (at high ISO) than any other point & shoot camera on the market. it also doesn't have any bell & whistle features (which you could do in photoshop later anyway) but it does have many professional photo settings that are normally only found on SLR's like the ability to manually set my aperture and shutter speed, as well as other more advanced features. this camera was highly recommended to me by a friend of mine who's a professional photographer and it apparently has a large cult following by professional photographers who want a point & shoot to use when an SLR isn't convenient. i couldn't be happier with my decision on this model camera. i got it for $209 from B&H.
These two...
These two...
...I love these two. Just to introduce Margaret and Hannah, I had to show you one of my favorite shots. No flattery, no artfully posed models. Simply a photo that makes me laugh and remember one of the best days of my life. Three minutes into the shoot, [THREE], I nearly die. Slip on a rock like a spaz, bust my knee on an algae slick rock, and crack my camera. End of the shoot right? Wrong. These lovely ladies fish my waterlogged camera out of the drink, climb on the highest perch and freeze with me until I get the bright idea to salvage the day with a 5 megapixel camera phone. Snagged 184 photos with this little wonder. Let the ladies do whatever they liked, and they posed and cut up like pros. Shots and shoots like this? I'll be snapping pictures of beautiful ladies with whatever I can get my hands on until I kill myself having fun.

high megapixel camera phone
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