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Best Camera Sales

best camera sales
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56/365: Cleaned Out
56/365: Cleaned Out
02/20/11 The sunroom got almost cleaned out today. JR's family came and took away most of the stuff, and we dropped off the Hannah Home stuff when we went to drop off JR's laundry and pick up supper. Can't wait to get some furniture for this room - spring yard sales should provide what I'm looking for! iPhone camera (through glass door), The Best Camera (crop, jewel filter, vignette, border).
Wall to Wall Cameras For Sale at Techno Mart
Wall to Wall Cameras For Sale at Techno Mart
Techno Mart is the wildest shopping experience I've ever experienced. Each booth is a different vendor selling the exact same equipment. You go from vendor to vendor to haggle the best price. The TX-1 camera that was on back order in the States was available at three booths here. Crazy!

best camera sales
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