Panasonic 3d Camera Price

panasonic 3d camera price
    3d camera
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panasonic 3d camera price - Panasonic DMC-FZ150K
Panasonic DMC-FZ150K 12.1 MP Digital Camera with CMOS Sensor and 24x Optical Zoom (Black)
Panasonic DMC-FZ150K 12.1 MP Digital Camera with CMOS Sensor and 24x Optical Zoom (Black)
The 12.1-megapixel DMC-FZ150K continues a long line of great hybrid digital cameras from Panasonic by giving you more options not only in how you take pictures, but including the ability for full HD 1920x1080 60p AVCHD movie recording. The camera's 24x Leica DC Vario- Elmarit lens system featuring two aspherical lenses, three aspherical surfaces, three ED elements, and one Nano Surface Coated Lens gives you more options for framing both your photos and movies, and the intelligent auto shooting mode allows you to take great worry free photos and movies. A new High Sensitivity MOS imaging chip, hybrid digital camera technology, and an improved processing engine make sure that you're able to capture photos and movies in the moment by reducing shutter lag and increasing burst shooting potential. Add in a bevy of scene options, movie color modes, and an anti-glare treated 3.0" LCD view screen and you've got one incredible package in digital camera form! And it shoots 3D still images that can be viewed on your 3D compatible TV!

86% (8)
University of Maryland, College Park: Graduation Day
University of Maryland, College Park: Graduation Day
[Nikon D70 Tamron 28-300VC ISO200 42mm effective F11 > dcraw > Gimp] "one for the album" :) ok so this was a week before official Graduation Day, which was apparently today, Thursday May 19th. My apologies...but you should have seen the number of people lined up to take this shot today. I like the shots off this rig but it is 8" long, 5" wide and weighs 3 pounds. It is not a convenient rig to carry and shoot, it's by far my biggest & heaviest rig. It's just too big and heavy to carry all the time, the 500si and Tamron 28-300 is simply a joy to carry and shoot next to this rig. But it sure does take nice shots. And it was such a nice day that I had to shoot something and the tulips were, for once, just right. I guess that what I'm saying is that it was a rare day and a rare scene that was really worth carrying this rig around. And this lens, multicoated UV filter, camera and 8MB CF card only cost me $500. Yes, that's less than a D90 alone on eBay. Point being if you go this route, with a decent mid-range subframe, an IS superzoom and the required acoutrements, you're going to spend an arm and a leg and carry about 5 pounds of gear just to take shots like this. Micro 4/3rds= less bulk but more cash. Now you're talking $1200-$1500 for an equivalent G1 and a Panasonic/Leica 14-140 MegaOIS superzoom. And for those who love primes and think that superzooms can't take sharp shots or that 6MP or CCD or ISO200 isn't good enough for great results, check out the 3D effect above. And I didn't even go in at 400% to sharpen out to the very edges. Trust me, you're not going to get this effect shooting camera jpegs, even at the lowest ISO, even in a subframe DSLR, there was enough NR in the camera jpeg to blur the image significantly compared to the unsharpened raw shot not to mention the sharpened raw shot. But likewise you have to use a mask for the USM pass, otherwise you'll sharpen the luminance noise in the sky and the road and it'll stick out like a sore thumb. The "smarter" cameras now can fix the keystoning and the lens-induced distortions very well, even optimize the contrast and exposure, but they simply can't manage the noise and fine-detail well. And I did not do a single bit of stacking or exposure-masking on this. Just a straight shot, fixed the keystoning and barrel-distortion, then ran a USM mask and adjusted the exposure and contrast. Certainly no "HDR". Plain and simple to get this look out of a Bayer-sensor camera you *HAVE* to start with a good raw shot...a real raw shot, not some ACR crap, and not some middle-ISO crap either. And not so slow that the VR is saving your shot, and not so wide-open that the lens is dull 15 degrees away from center. There is a lot of technique in this one little stupid shot. But *not* a lot of money. And believe me as much as I want an A850, I have two thousand reasons to not buy one. Of course I would buy one anyway if I had the money. And a D700, and an A700, and probably a D90 or D300 to replace the D70. And an SX130 and probably a Coolpix S9100 as well. Because that's what I want :) And if I can get one cheap in decent shape, I will. That's about $4500 worth of gear at current eBay prices. But if I get that much money to spend on camera-gear and I don't spend it on camera-gear, I certainly will spend it on something else. At least I will get a bunch of good pics out of that money. Compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that I've earned and spent over my professional life, when I look around me, where is it now? LOL Just think of all the people who thought that it was a good idea to buy a house over the past 3 to 5 years, who are now losing their houses either due to floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, unemployment, underemployment or the sheer fact that they are upside-down in their mortgage in a declining market. And now they are going to lose their home interest tax-credits and family's going to be a bloodbath. The problem is not so much how much it costs as it is that regardless of what you buy, the value is going to go up in smoke. The question is how to get something that's tangible, fungible, *real*, in our commercialized existence, for all our hard work and suffering, besides just waking up one day and going to work and going to sleep and waking up the next day? Really we have to do what we can to make life about *ANYTHING* other than money. Otherwise that's all that life will be about, and as we all know, money slips through our hands like sand. The more you try to get, the more you spend, the more you lose. "Spend less, achieve more", that is my motto. I don't care about how much gear I have as long as I don't spend a lot on it and I get a lot of great shots as a result. The rest is for the anal-retentive, the people whose main concern in life is to deny pleasure to others. I want the good gear that no one else wants, so I can take it out and get great shot
Ukrainian FED 3D camera
Ukrainian FED 3D camera
Russian (made in the Ukraine) 3D camera for use with 135 film. 7-21 sprocket system. Coupled shutters, apertures, focus. Auto exposure possible. Not very reliable, even the improved 'Boy' versions are a pain in the ......... When functional, this is a very nice 3D camera considering its price.

panasonic 3d camera price
panasonic 3d camera price
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ47K 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 24xOptical Zoom - Black
The Lumix DMC-FZ47 packs a powerful optical zoom and attractive options including manual operation, adding full-HD video recording capability and the new Creative Control with Miniature Effect mode. The high quality lens unit of 25mm ultra wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens with powerful 24x Optical Zoom newly features Panasonic’s Nano Surface Coating technology to minimize light reflection that causes ghost and flare. The powerful 24x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent:25-600mm) can be increased its power to 32x equivalent with the Intelligent Zoom function taking advantage of the Intelligent Resolution technology maintaining the picture quality even using digital zoom. Empowered by a new 12.1-megapixel Hi-Speed CCD sensor, the DMC-FZ47 is compatible with high-speed, large-capacity signal processing required for 1920 x 1080 full-HD video recording in AVCHD and high speed continuous shooting. For more artistic freedom, manual control is available with DMC-FZ47. User can enjoy image shooting expressing their intention not only in photo but also in video, utilizing a host of options including the new Creative Control or Photo Style with a wide variety of preset options. In addition, the realistic, less-distorted 3D image produced by DMC-FZ47 with the 3D Photo mode can also be enjoyed on a VIERA 3D HDTV or other MPO-compatible 3D equipment. The DMC-FZ47 features a high-quality LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT 25mm ultra wide-angle lens with a 24x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent:25-600mm). With the newly applied Nano Surface Coating technology, light reflection is dramatically minimized at entire visual light range (380nm-780nm) by applying the extra-low refractive index coating with nano-sized structure on the surface of the lens.

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