Film Camera Pentax : Polaroid Land Camera Model 95b.

Film Camera Pentax

film camera pentax
    film camera
  • Photographic film is a sheet of plastic (polyester, nitrocellulose or cellulose acetate) coated with an emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halide salts (bonded by gelatin) with variable crystal sizes that determine the sensitivity, contrast and resolution of the film.
  • A japaneese optical company involved in photographic manufacturing.
  • A camera manufacturer.
  • a type of lens that is extremely thin and light. It has used the highest index of refraction, at 1.67.
film camera pentax - Fuji film
Fuji film Replacement AV Cable (Nikon EG-CP14,Pentax I-AVC7,Pentax I-AVC33,Fujifilm AV-C1) camera
Fuji film Replacement AV Cable (Nikon EG-CP14,Pentax I-AVC7,Pentax I-AVC33,Fujifilm AV-C1) camera
This light weight and compact size audio/video cable allows you to bring your digital images and videos with audio to you TV screen. This is a 4-foot AV Audio/Video Interface Cable used to connect your Nikon camera to your TV or another audiovisual device. FEATURES: On one end of the cable is RCA plugs (one audio, one video) that go to the TV. On the other end is a mini USB plug which will fit into your Coolpix camera. SPECIFICATIONS: Plug: 2 x RCA - 1 x Mini Type B USBLength: 4 ftReplacement Part#: Nikon EG-CP14, Pentax I-AVC7, Pentax I-AVC33Compatible With Fuji film FinePix XP10 FINEPIX J38 Finepix S1500 FinePix JV100 FinePix J10 FinePix S700 FinePix JX250 FinePix AX250 FinePix Z20 FinePix Real 3D W3 FinePix S1000fd FinePix Z30 FinePix Z70 FinePix S2000HD FinePix AV100 FinePix AX200 FinePix S200EXR FinePix S205EXR FinePix F20 FinePix Z33 Finepix J20 FinePix F200EXR FinePix JZ300 FinePix S5700 FinePix F40fd FinePix F650 FinePix REAL 3D W1 FinePix Z33WP FinePix F80EXR FinePix F85EXR FinePix F470 FinePix Z35 Finepix J110W FinePix F480 FinePix S8100fd FinePix J30 FinePix F460 FinePix S100fs FinePix Z10fd FinePix S8000fd FinePix A170 FinePix A220 FinePix JZ500 FinePix Z100fd FinePix S6000fd FinePix Z700EXR FinePix Z707EXR FinePix A100 FinePix F30 Finepix J150W FinePix A850 Finepix J120 FinePix F31fd FinePix F100fd FinePix AX380 FinePix J50 FinePix JV250 FinePix F60fd FinePix Z300 FinePix XP30 Finepix J100 FinePix AX330 FinePix Z90 FinePix XP20 FinePix AV230 FinePix AX350 FinePix F75EXR FinePix J250 FinePix Z200fd FinePix XP11 FinePix A175 FinePix AV250 FinePix AV280 FinePix AV200 FinePix JX400 FinePix Z71 FinePix JX300 FinePix Z31 FinePix T200 FinePix AX300 FinePix T300 FinePix A150 FinePix J26 FinePix JV200 FinePix JX350

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Pentax film cameras
Pentax film cameras
My Pentax film SLRs. Starting top left: MZ-S, Spotmatic II + S-M-C 1.8/55, P50 + M28/2.8, MX, ME Super + M50/1.7. Photo taken with a K20D + 50-135/2.8 with a Metz 48 AF-1 flash gun.
Thunderstorm - Film camera!
Thunderstorm - Film camera!
Taken with a film camera: Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F Film: Kodak iso 400. Lens: Tamron 24mm I can't find places to buy film anymore, this is the why I used an iso400 instead an iso100.

film camera pentax
film camera pentax
Purple Candy Slim Compact Camera Case with Removable Carbineer for Sony Bloggie Full HD Touch Camera (Many Colors Available) + SumacLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband
Safely carry and protect your digital camera with our stylish Camera Carrying Case. Its hard shell exterior and lushly padded interior provides your camera with protection and prevents unnecessary bumps, dents, and scratches form accumulating. The inside of this case been designed with two elastic straps to hold you camera in place and prevent it from falling out when case is open. This case also features a fishnet pocket that allows for storage of batteries and Memory Card. This case also includes a Removable Carabineer that allows you clip-on this case to your belt-loop, purse, or backpack. When it comes to your daily travel and protection needs this carrying case is the perfects solution. You'll be impressed with not only the quality but the style, design, and practical functionality this case has to offer you. + INCLUDES!!! SumacLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband

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