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Disposable Camera Processing

disposable camera processing
    disposable camera
  • The disposable or single-use camera is a simple box camera sold with a roll of film installed, meant to be used once. Most use focus free lenses. Some are equipped with an integrated flash unit, and there are even waterproof versions for underwater photography.
  • (processed) refined: freed from impurities by processing; "refined sugar"; "refined oil"; "to gild refined gold"- Shakespeare
  • Operate on (data) by means of a program
  • Perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it
  • preparing or putting through a prescribed procedure; "the processing of newly arrived immigrants"; "the processing of ore to obtain minerals"
  • (processed) subjected to a special process or treatment; "prepared ergot"; "processed cheeses are easy to spread"
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disposable camera processing - Kodak Plus
Kodak Plus One-Time-Use Digital Camera
Kodak Plus One-Time-Use Digital Camera
Plus Digital Camera, One Time Use, 27 Exposures

You don't need to spend $300 on a digital camera to get digital photos. Get the benefits of digital photography--easily and inexpensively--along with your traditional prints with the Kodak PlusDigital single-use camera.
You can e-mail your photos to friends and family, enlarge prints, remove red-eye, zoom and crop, and print copies of your photos right at home. Best of all, the Kodak PlusDigital gives you traditional prints as well.
Simply drop off the Kodak PlusDigital camera at your photo retailer offering Kodak Premium Processing services. At the time of developing, you pay for your prints at regular prices. You'll also automatically receive your digital photos on a Kodak Picture CD at no additional cost if you check the box marked Kodak Picture CD + Prints.

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A painting on the wall of the pub where I got married. I'm fairly sure I took this photo but I can't be 100% certain as it came off one of the disposable cameras we had lying around for everyone to use. But I vaguely remember taking a shot of the picture as I liked it. Sadly the shot didn't come out as well as I had hoped (I'd had a few drinks) but I managed to rescue it digitally. Personally I'm quite proud of the shot, considering it came off a disposable camera, taken while I was drunk, in less than perfect lighting. I had to do a lot of post-processing though, which was nice in its own right: I've never really done any heavy work in Gimp before so it was nice to really try it out.
Bringing Her In - Disposable Camera
Bringing Her In - Disposable Camera
Last Friday was the first opportunity I've had to sail on my dad's 18' Hobie Cat. He knew I wanted to get some photos, but seeing as cat sailing is not a dry event he picked up a disposable waterproof camera for me. The only thing I knew about the camera is that it was using 800 speed film. The directions said that it was usable up to 3 feet underwater and although a pool is bright at that depth, 3 feet under the ocean would be very dark, so I had the feeling that I was going to be overexposing these shots. Since the photos look very weathered anyway I did a little bit of my own color processing on this one to enhance that vintage look.

disposable camera processing
disposable camera processing
Disposable Wedding Camera in White
Wedding cameras are essential for capturing the fun and enjoyment of the most important day of your lives. You will never have those precious moments again and you cannot be everywhere at once so why not get the best memories you can from your special day. Treat yourself with these lovely wedding cameras. The disposable cameras have a white cover, a flash and 27 exposures (400 ISO Agfa colour film). We also sell the disposable wedding cameras in a party pack of 9 and a Deluxe 10 pack in gold, silver and white.Unfortunately our cameras do not include processing.Disposable Wedding Camera in White

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