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Cool Web Camera Effects

cool web camera effects
    web camera
  • A CCTV Camera with built-in web server computer. More info.
  • A webcam is a video capture device that is connected to a computer or computer network, often using a USB port or, if connected to a network, ethernet or Wi-Fi.
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cool web camera effects - Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book
Those creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 choose Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book from the Adobe Creative Team at Adobe Press.

The 22 project-based lessons in this book show readers step-by-step the key techniques for working in Premiere Pro CS5. Readers learn the basics on things like using audio, creating transitions, producing titles, and adding effects. Once they have the basics down, they'll learn how to take their projects further by sweetening and mixing sound, compositing the footage, adjusting color, authoring DVDs, and much more.

This completely revised CS5 edition covers new features such as Ultra, the new high-performance keyer. New workflows for creative collaboration are also explored, from the script all the way to the screen using Adobe Story, OnLocation, Speech Search, and other Adobe tools that are right at users' fingertips. Best of all, the companion DVD includes lesson files so readers can work step-by-step along with the book.

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Helpful tips:
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Go to the very last page of the book and scroll backwards.
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Casio QV-100 (1995)
Casio QV-100                (1995)
Although this camera is old I just had to write a review on it. It has been a very dependable unit for me for many years and deserves some credit. This camera was ahead of its time. It has features thatmany digital cameras of today do not have !!! Although I will compare features of this camera to units of today My Review ratings are going to be based on 5-6 years ago when I purchased this unit for $700. For the record I do not even consider this camera as a recomendation for today at all. it is a BAD buy by current standards UNLESS You need pics for things like website or ebay OR Macro Shots. For these type of uses it is GREAT even by today's standards. Also if you have anolder laptop with NO PCMCIA or USB but have a serial and do not want to carry extra junk around All you need for this is its serial cable. For some things I even still use this camera today !!! First I bought this camera because it was the best of what was available at the time (hence the $700 price tag) Its only real lacking (and a serious one) is NO flash. Although if there is any reasonable amount of light this camera's CCD does a wonderful job of taking advantage of it. Indoor photography is easily possible and practical as long as you keep certain things in mind. The shutter speed will be much longer and you do need at least SOME general ambient light. A dim room is a goner. (flashlight helps though) I had even purchased a hot shoe flash and rigged a SWITCH for it. Another failing of this camera is the LCD only viewfinder runs at 7 frames a second. This turned out to be a blessing. Because of this I was with practice able to Activate my Rigged up Hot Shoe Flash with a button to set it off and CAPTURE the flash with the QV-100 and able to capture some VERY nice well exposed indoor shots even in near dark conditions !! It takes practice but I got good very fast :-) The resolution is either VGA or Half VGA 640x480 or 320x240 Obviously I never used thehalf VGA unless I had to. Another very nice feature of this camera is you can REDUCE a VGA picture to a half VGA picture AFTER you had taken it inside the camera to further clear space for more pictures. THIS was a very nice feature. I have to say though I rarely need more than the 64 shots the 4 meg of internal memory could capture. I built myself a cardboard box computer in the summer of 1997 with a TV out cable (no need for a monitor) so I could take more than 64 pictures with the camera when we went on vacations to florida. I came home with over 800 pictures !!! This Camera uses a serial connection that is NOT exactly fast but not dreadfully slow (remember I am comparing as if this is 1995) About 10-15 mintutes at most! It also ahs a very cool TV out connection that I used extensively (more on this later) You could activate a SLIDE show feature in play mode to automatically scroll through the pictures) The swiveling lens (more than 180 degrees of swivel) was GREAT I could Angle the the lens in such a way that I could hold the camera Above my head to get OVER a crowd and yet still see the screen so I could FRAME the shot I wanted and not depend on luck. VERY cool I have used this a LOT This also allows you to do the opposite. Hold the camera down just below your CHEST to make is easier to see the SCREEN in sunlight yet still point the lens Forward. The Macro Mode is AMAZING I do not know exactly its limits But I easily git within an inch or 2 of objects to capture magnificant macro shots of objects butterflies in cypres cardens etc.. This camera is also GREAT for wildlife shows. Every eyar we attend the Harrisburg Farm show in PA. I can go right up to Owl Birds Reptiles etc.. Whatever is there and catch close macro shots without disturbing the animal and causing it to bight. The camera is absolutely silent in operation and with NO flash to accidentally set off. I surprised even the animal tenders who were leary of me getting so close. As for Printing. Believe it or not the prints are not entirely too bad. I call them "good" enough. They will not make even close to a photographic for are WONDERFUL for reports etc.. I have even used glossy paper to make 80% of an 8x10 that was very respectable. Now for thehard part. the newer your printer the WORSE the output !!! YEs I did not mistype that. The Older your printer (to a point) the better the output. I have a HP 932C that make incredible 2400 dpi photo quality pictures and the casio images are HORRIBLE ON IT. YET on my HP660C they look not all that bad. the lower resolution of the older printer "smooths" out a lot of the imperfections in the highly compressed image. The newer printers print every single imperfection and jaggy. Some Cons for today are it proprietary format. a .cam file for each iamge. IE you HAVE to use there software. Thankfully it is a VERY small program. I think it only took something like 3 or 4 meg of HD space. IF I recall right it also aloud you to BATCH export images to
How to Make a Popular MOC. A Study of Mocmatics.
How to Make a Popular MOC. A Study of Mocmatics.
Todays lesson... Hello and welcome to class. Todays lesson is How to Make a Popular and Successful MOC. It has been a question that I have frequently heard and have been asked. BUT how exactly do you make a popular and successful MOC? Get blogged on the hit lego web-sites? Or get on MOCpages' home page? I've been here for almost a year how and I'm quite experienced with these things (I think?). For those who have ever asked that question, here is your answer... A. Introduction This is just to introduce you viewers to the structure of this lesson. I've separated the information by categories in numbers. Each category has info about a different topic. Once again, this is from my opinion and experiences, answers to this question will vary. I would also like to say that there is to be no talking, gum chewing, or doodling in this class. (Yes that means you too Kelso.) Anyway here we go... 1. Cheats or just an easy step? The easiest way to make a popular MOC is to show us something that we've never seen before. This can be extremely hard to do, but the results are phenomenal. Using a technique no one has ever seen before will make people click on you page out of curiosity. 2. Do not use other peoples techniques. Although it might seen tempting, do not do it! If you think that just because one MOC was so popular because it used a technique no one has ever seen before, yours will be just as popular too, your wrong! After a couple uses of a similar technique, the technique will seem worn out and no one will care anymore. I will advise you to use others peoples techniques and combine those techniques with other elements in building to create a unique result. This sometimes adds to a MOC, and other times not. 3. Timing. Often we see MOCs related to a certain holiday or event get a lot of attention. These types of MOCs are really cool and get a lot of attention by lego bloggers. This type of MOC also works for Holidays, Birthdays, or real world events. 4. Presentation This subject is a big one, so pay attention. It doesn't matter how big or good your MOC is, if the pictures aren't good, blurry or out of focus, your MOC is likely not to get as much attention. Keith Goldman gave some advice in his newest group about this. He stated that you should set your cameras to macro mode (flower icon) and anti-blur mode. Then you can use advanced lights or simply wait for a overcast day outside to take your pics. It is always nice if you clean up the background of your MOC by photoshop. For those who do not have an image editing software, I'd suggest using a white blanket or poster board to cover up the background. Also Nannan gave me some advice on how to use the sharpen tool on Photoshop, which is usually found under the effects tab. This allow the details of your work to come out clearer. Photoshop also helps when your making a story, add some facial expressions or weather techniques. 5. Getting yourself known. You are not going to be MOCpages's latest and greatest MOCier overnight. It takes months and even years to get to this point. Getting your self known with certain people and group will help you get more attention. Putting your MOC in a contest usually results in all the contest members having a look. Joining other sites rather than MOCpages also helps too in a way. Meeting new friends and people who like your things also help. Some people only have a few people who added them as a favorite builder, while others are well over a hundred. It can take very long to get to that standpoint. Don't worry just keep trying and people will find your stuff and you'll make friends quick. 6. Don't give up and keep building. Some people seem that they just have an itch for building. I guarantee that you will make mistakes in your builds along the way, but learning from those and not quitting is the key to being a successful builder. Some builders take months and years into making their MOCs and have made and corrected many of their mistakes on their MOCs. Sometimes mistakes can lead to the discovering of a new technique. DO NOT GIVE UP! 7. Use what you have and make the best of it. Most of us normal builders do not have a million bricks. This is used as an excuse a lot of times either in contests or for some mistake. If you make the best of what you have and not always want new stuff then your more likely to make something awesome! 8. Combine and get creative. The biggest thing here on MOCpages is creativity. The more creative you are, the better your creations will be. Combine some techniques, use colors, and do some wacky and weird building. This can lead to an awesome new technique and a lot of fun! Get creative with your pieces and make something that stands out from the crowd. 9. Don't write blah blah blah. If you plan to write a description of your MOC, make it sound exciting and bold. Have some confidence toward your build. Try and be humorous with that you have. Stories always work well, but shoul

cool web camera effects
cool web camera effects
Logitech Webcam C250
Seeing is believing with the Logitech Webcam C250. Includes free, easy video calling for you and everyone you want to call thanks to Logitech Vid. With an enhanced VGA sensor, you’ll get crisp, colorful video and snapshots at up to 1.3 megapixels (software enhanced). The built-in microphone with Logitech RightSound technology offers clear, headset-free conversations without annoying background noise. With Logitech Video Effects Fun Filters, you can add some fun to your video call with neon splashes, fish-eye distortions, and more. With its universal clip, your webcam attaches securely to LCD monitors and notebooks, or sits on a shelf or desk.

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